You all really loved that pink-colored Bailey's Strawberries and Cream, right? And all those crazy pink cocktails that brought out the Barbie in you? Well if you did, we have something else you'll probably love: Beefeater's new "London Pink" gin. It's flavored with strawberries and colored with an array of crazy pinks, because, according to the famous gin company, millennials can't enough of that color.

                                        via Giphy The Spirits Business picked up on news of the Pink London line, which was launched recently at the Beefeater Distillery in London. It was showcased by Beefeater's own Master Distiller, Desmond Payne, and apparently Beefeater's dive into the pinkness is somewhat of a response to Gordon’s Pink Gin, which was launched last year. Beefeater isn't trying to hide the fact that it's directly targeting millennials on the younger side with London Pink, with plenty of talk about how this line is supposed to entice the youthful generation at the launch. “Our main target is young millennials aged 20-27," Sophie Gallois, managing director of The Gin Hub (a business owned by Beefeater's umbrella corporation) said. Gallois added that "We want to recruit them into the gin category and Beefeater Pink is an approachable expression," and that "We wanted the marketing around it to be playful, fresh and gender neutral." The strawberry flavor will be added to the nine different botanicals that already show up in Beefeater gin's flavor profile, such as juniper, licorice, almond, and lemon peel. Beefeater also notes that, as with pretty much all gin, this line will be perfect for some crazy cocktail creations. And maybe Wednesdays.

                                       via Giphy London Pink, which is expected to cost about $27 per bottle, will be available in the UK and Spain in April, and will roll out to worldwide markets this summer. If you can't wait until then to make some crazy gin cocktails, here are a few options you can dive into right now: See recipe. See recipe. See recipe. How are you feeling about this increase in liquor pinkness? Pop 'em bubble gum thoughts in the comments!

Images: YouTube / BeefeaterTV 

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