Everybody better be waxing their balls, staying in their element, and turning off the f*cking Eagles, 'cause it's the 20th anniversary of The Big Lebowski, and it's time to celebrate one of the greatest movies of all time. (Yeah, we said it: Fight us if you want, damn nihilists.) 
  And we all know the best way to celebrate this Day of Dudeness is with some delicious White Russians. Like the classic White Russian: See recipe. Which is made with coffee liqueur, fresh cream, and vodka, and is, of course, the Dude's favorite drink. 
Then to mix things up, we have the Caramel White Russian, which adds a sexy ribbon of caramel to the classic cocktail.  See recipe Which we think the Dude would be OK with, even if he'd be a bit skeptical of the caramel at first.  
  Finally, we have the insanely sexy White Russian Float.  See recipe And don't you dare for a minute say that this drink is too classy for the Dude just 'cause it's in a martini glass. 'Cause all we'd have to say to that is— 
  Now tell us, how are you going to be abiding on this crucial cinematic anniversary? Are you going to watch the movie? Are you going to mix yourselves some White Russians? Are you going to just chill like it's SHOMER F*CKING SHABBOS?! Let us know in the comments! And watch this great clip from The Big Lebowski to get you in the mood to watch the movie.   https://www.youtube.com/embed/YedqV4Gl_us

Images: Working Title Films 

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