Black Panther's finally joining all his Marvel buddies on the big screen with a solo feature, and the movie looks damn good. Directed by Ryan Coogler, scored by Kendrick Lamar.... What we're saying is the movie looks nicely garnished with talent, much like these Black Panther Shots and other superhero cocktails. The shots have some claws though, so protect yourself.

  BLACK PANTHER SHOTS (KILLMONGER)  It's straight-up vibranium to the cranium with these Black Panther Killmonger shots. They're so dang potent and pretty they'd fit right in in Wakanda. See recipe. INCREDIBLE HULK  HULK SMASH(ED)! This Incredible Hulk cocktail is a pretty mondo drink, but hey, if you have mega Hulk hands, it's actually a tiny shooter. See recipe. DEADPOOL SHOTS  Continue the Marvel celebration with a couple of these Deadpool shots, which come out blazing with black absinthe. They're intense as Deadpool's uncovered face and they'll make you want a chimichanga. See recipe. IRON MAN COCKTAIL Suit up for the Iron Man cocktail, 'cause you'll need to look mighty stylish to match this glowing bad boy. Inspired by Avengers: Age of Ultron, each sip of this drink'll make you feel like your Arc Reactor's getting a recharge. See recipe. JOKER Put a smile on that face with the Joker shot and take some time to go a little insane — responsibly! You don't want Batman (or the po-po) kicking your ass. See recipe. HARLEY QUINN  How can you have a Joker shot without a Harley Quinn shot? Craziness loves company and this blue, white, and pink beauty will sock you right in the mouth with a whole lot of sweet rum taste. See recipe.

Tell us what you think of these Superhero cocktails and the Black Panther movie in the comments!

Images: Marvel, Warner Bros. 

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