Kenny Bachman of Sewell, New Jersey got blackout drunk and took an Uber ride from a party near West Virginia University back to his home back in Gloucester County, which in the grand scheme of things is a pretty responsible thing to do. Only problem is that Uber ride was over 300 miles long, and Kenny ordered an UberXL — so the total cost of the trip came out to $1,635.93. We imagine Kenny's reaction upon waking up was something like this:

                                               via Giphy Or maybe like this:

                                               via Giphy Or maybe even like this:

                                               via Giphy We commend the responsibility, but damn, Kenny, that's a lot of money! Also, we'd like to note that this is totally a thing that would happen to "Kenny Bachman from New Jersey." Bachman (a self-described "thottie" on Insta) told CBS Philly that he and his buddies "went to a frat party and then went to the bar," and probably spent about $200 on drinks throughout the night. He said that he then "kinda just blacked out," and that "The last thing I remember was being at the bar and then I just woke up in the Uber next to an older dude telling me I was an hour out from Jersey.”

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And although Bachman did pay the fare — again, good on you, Kenny — he told CBS Philly that once he woke up, he asked the Uber driver, "Why did you agree to take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?” He added that "that's crazy." Indeed, Kenny. Indeed. If Bachman had ordered a regular Uber instead of an UberXL, it would've been about half the price, but then the story would've been half as good too, right? No word on how much Bachman tipped, although it definitely wasn't anywhere near what Hova tipped on his $110,000 night out. Although we don't know what Kenny was drinking, here are a couple of guesses: See recipe. See recipe.

Images: CBS Philly 

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