Zoltan Istvan — we wish we had his name too — is a man who says he's "Spearheading the Transhumanist" movement. That's pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that we wanted to sit down and have a couple of delicious Rob Roy cocktails with him to find out all we can about the future. Because we're pretty sure that most humans are going to have at least one or two robot body parts by like, 2029, and we really wanted to see what Istvan was predicting for the next few decades. Istvan, who's a futurist, transhumanist, and journalist, covers a bunch of different topics in the video, including the death threats he's received for holding his views, the implant in his hand that can start his car and send text messages, Neuralink (an Elon Musk company), and even theoretically genetically engineering his own kids. It's hard to say what's most mind-blowing about Istvan's predictions, but the idea of people having lifespans of a few hundred years is definitely a big ol' game-changer! But the real question in terms of a super-long lifespan is, of course, how long will a person's liver hold up? Living for a couple hundreds years doesn't sound like too much fun if you can never have a cocktail or 3,000. No matter what though, we're keeping an eye on transhumanism and whatever Istvan decides to implant into his body next. Even if that eye is eventually going to be made of like, a Transformer's foot camera. What do you all think of Istvan's predictions and the transhumanism movement in general? And more importantly, when was the last time you enjoyed a delicious Rob Roy? Or maybe one of these other incredible whiskey cocktails that'll have you feeling all tingly. Not in the way invasive computers and wires and stuff would have you feel tingly, but tingly nonetheless!
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