People, there are party fails and then there are party catastrophes that will haunt the nightclub scene forever like an endless "Wake Me Up" remix. One clubgoer — or perhaps club employee, it's hard to say for sure — experienced a taste of the latter at a club in Mexico when he dropped an enormous six-liter bottle of Veuve Clicquot rosé all over himself and everybody around him. Although to be fair to the guy who dropped the bottle, there were a lot of people watching and he was probably still in a fair amount of pain from getting that chest waxed. In the clip, which comes via Mashable, we get a quick 14-second glimpse of the incident, which is being passed around the internet the way that huge bottle of rosé should've been passed around that club. Lots of folks are saying that the bottle is estimated to cost around $42,000, but because we're all about sleuthing out the truth here at Tipsy Bartender, we'd like to note that this gonzo bottle of booze almost certainly does not retail for anywhere near that insane amount. In fact, according to Redditors decker12 and Hagan311, this bottle probably cost somewhere in the range of $1,000-$2,500. Which, you know, is still at least a few car payments. Or maybe one new suit for the guy dropping the bottle. In terms of the reaction to the incident from the bottle-dropper and the crowd, we give them both high praise for handling the unexpected spray in stride. Although the clip does cut off pretty quickly after the bottle is dropped, so who knows, maybe that guy doesn't have a job anymore, or at least had to walk out of there like a sad Snoopy — or Snoop Dogg, 'cause he dropped it like it was... nice and chilled. Via Giphy What do you all think about this accidental big-ass bottle drop? Are you actually kind of happy to watch somebody fail this hard? Get tipsy in the comments, people!

Feature image: Ibiza Club News / Facebook

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