Move out the neigh, b*tch! A guy was arrested for riding his horse drunk on the 91 freeway in Santa Fe Springs, CA, earning a DUI, plus a lot of hilarious tweets from the CHP. And while we think pulling off a stunt like that is not cool at all due to the safety issues, this guy will still definitely have one of the most legendary drunk stories ever. (Almost as good as Kevin Hart crashing the Eagles' Super Bowl celebration.) KTLA reported on a handful of CHP tweets talking about the incident, which were posted after the guy, who was celebrating his birthday, had been arrested. Apparently the CHP responded to reports from drivers that a guy was riding his horse on the freeway, and when they found him, he had just exited onto surface streets and had double the legal amount of alcohol in his system. After the guy was arrested, the horse, named "Guera," was turned over to the rider's mother for safekeeping. Which is great for the horse, of course, but you know that guy is going to get an ass-whooping from his mom when he sobers up. In terms of the CHP's response, they noted on twitter that "We get a chuckle out of the interesting situations we encounter from time to time, but one thing the CHP does not do is 'horse' around with DUI." All we wanna know is did this dude use the horse's tail as a turn signal or what? Also, wow, that horse is majestic AF.

                                       via Giphy Give us your thoughts on this crazy horse action below! And remember to not ride your farm animals on the damn freeway — just try one of these horse-themed cocktails and chill instead: See recipe. See recipe.


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