You all remember Kenny Bachman, the guy who got blackout drunk and took a 300-mile Uber ride home that cost him about $1,600, right? Well, he just had his bill covered in full by a food delivery company by the name of Eat Clean Bro — which is also located in Jersey — and all we can say is that this is a seminal moment in the history of bro-dom. 
If you didn't catch Kenny's story when it first hit the news, here's the basic rundown: Kenny went out partying with his bros (of course) near West Virginia University, spent a couple hundy on boozy booze, got supremely shwasted, ordered an UberXL while blackout drunk, then woke up back in Gloucester County, N.J. only to find out that he had just taken a $1,635.93 ride.  Because Bachman did not have the funds to pay such a hefty charge, he started up a GoFundMe page titled "Help Out Kenny Bachman." But just as this super responsible — let's give him some damn credit — broseph's GFM page was about to hit $700 out of the $1,635 goal, Eat Clean Bro swooped in like a true hero and offered to pay for Bachman's bill.  All kidding aside, this is what happens when you're responsible and you don't drink and drive. Good on you, KB. In terms of the play by Eat Clean Bro, frankly, it's a genius PR move. The company gets tons and tons of good publicity as a supporter of responsible behavior, and now it'll have plenty of folks checking out its honest-to-goodness delicious-looking, super-healthy food
As a side note, Skyy's been running around the office all day talking about how we at Tipsy Bartender should've stepped up to pay the bill to get that publicity, but alas, nobody wanted to spend $1,600. So we'll just have to settle for showing you how to make one of our healthy-ass apple kale mimosas: See recipe.

Images: YouTube / NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus

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