Ever been turned on or off by the boozy drink somebody orders? Or heard a stranger order an AMF and immediately know you'll both be BFFs? Well, there are statistics to back up those gut feelings now, and they come from... Four Loko? Yes, the maker of the mondo combo cans surveyed 2,000 people across the U.S., and found stark correlations between a person's drink of choice and their personality, background, age, and even political party preference. The survey, which comes via Austin360 and can be found in full here, covers a decent range of alcohol, including everything from tequila to wine. And it turns out that alcohol ads that target certain demographics are generally spot on. Four Loko notes, for example, that "Women are 80% more likely to choose wine as their preferred drink, and 82% of men are more likely to choose beer." Also, wine drinkers are more likely to vote Republican — wine drinkers reading this, we imagine many of you strongly disagree with that claim. Some creepily disturbing facts are also revealed by a person's drink of choice: like income. Gin and whiskey drinkers apparently earn on average $30,000 to $50,000 a year, whereas tequila drinkers earn on average less than $30,000. But we still love you tequila people, and we know that VIPs ordering Patrón Extra Añejo are most definitely not broke. Your drink of choice also signals where you fall on the social butterfly to solo caterpillar spectrum, with cider and flavored malt beverage drinkers tending toward introversion and home environments, and champagne and whiskey drinkers gravitating more toward dinner gatherings and "epic parties." As far as Four Loko itself is concerned, the survey didn't seem to include that as an option. But we all know what the Four Loko people are about, don't we? Or do we? Seriously, it is a very particular set of people who enjoys drinks like this one: https://www.youtube.com/embed/UkmBYX8KdAA See recipe. Does this survey match up with what you've found in your experience with people and their booze preferences? Let us know!

Images: Four Loko  

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