Dame Helen Mirren was more like "Damn, Helen Mirren!" at this year's Oscars, as the 72-year-old Oscar-winning actress pounded a shot of tequila on the red carpet before doing a round of interviews.  The insanely baller move seemed to have been a totally random occurrence, as Mirren told ABC News that "[The tequila shot] was just given to me, fantastic, nice shot of tequila for the nerves." 
And we're over here wondering if you need to be super famous and classy to have shots of tequila just appear, or if it's just a Dame thing. 
The best part of the shot, however, was the internet's reaction to the star's tequila prowess, with just about everybody and their mama praising the live-TV liquor lovin'.  Oh, also, she was apparently wearing a $3.8 million necklace. And rappers like to boast about their little Lambos like the Dame doesn't wear a dozen of them around her neck.  Later on in the night, Mirren helped to display a Jet Ski that would supposedly go to the winner with the shortest speech.  We think she should've just been given it though, along with more tequila, 'cause she's responsible! Just like everybody else should be with their drinking and Jet Skiing. 
If you need to go HAM on some tequila goodness after watching the Dame pound that grade-A agave, check out the drink below. It doesn't deserve an Oscar, but it'll win a bunch of awards from your taste buds.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/JjqaJyC5uas See recipe.

Images: YouTube / Diário das Estrelas

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