An extraordinarily brave Aussie in flip flops, shorts, and tank top took it upon himself to cover up a police department speed-monitoring camera, and the internet quickly took to praising the hero for his selfless actions. That hero's name? "Demerit Man." You can recognize him by his signature weapon (a tea towel) as well as his epic choice of costume: a beer box worn over his head. Demerit Man — that name is a reference to the Australian point system whereby traffic violations earn point deductions, or demerits — was introduced to the public on Facebook by The Bell Tower Times, which is an Onion-esque Australian comedy news site. Their caption for the clip reads: "Introducing Demerit Man, protected by his photo-proof beer box hat he swoops in to foil the plans of his arch nemesis (Lachlan W)." (Lachlan W being the Western Australian police force.) That photo-proof beer box headgear is VB (Victoria Bitter) brand, which makes sense as that lager is one of the highest selling beers in Australia, and Demerit Man is clearly a superhero who fights on behalf of the masses. The responses from Australian citizens attest to this fact, as they've been overwhelmingly positive, with many people citing Demerit Man as a symbol of hope. Unfortunately, it seems that Australian police authorities are not as enamored with Demerit Man as is the general population, and he is currently being tracked down so that he can pay for his "crimes." But we know we're not alone when we wish Demerit Man the best on his flip-floppy run from the law.

                                                via Giphy 

If you're inspired to have a little more superhero in your life after learning about Demerit Man, but still don't want to break any laws, check out the superhero shots below! See recipe. See recipe.

Images: Facebook / The Bell Tower Times 

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