People, this is not a drill! Repeat: not a drill! There is apparently a — possibly massive — tequila shortage on the horizon, which could see the prices of the succulent-derived spirit soaring, and many of its smaller producers simply going out of business. The problem? Tequila has just become too dang popular. via Giphy Reuters has reported that due to increases in demand throughout multiple markets, growers of the blue agave plant, which is used to make tequila, are seeing their yields drop precipitously; blue agave plants take up to eight years to grow to maturity, and farmers are saying they're already needing to pluck the plants at ever-earlier stages of growth to meet producers' needs. The prognosis here is dire, and the idea of not being able to order a Tequila Sour, a paloma, or (tipsy divinities help us!) a margarita, is freaking people the fudge out. Here are a few reactions from tequila drinkers on the web. Some people are straight-up panicking: Others are starting to think about making moves to buy up all the existing tequila:

Should I buy it all??? panicked when I heard about the tequila shortage! #tequilashortage #tequilagirl #tequila #drinktequila #dontpanic #shouldibuyitall #thisisserious #fun #girlswhodrinktequila #tequilamakesmehappy #savewaterdrinktequila

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How are we feeling? Kind of like when you're at a party and everybody's tipsy but THEN THE FREAKING TEQUILA RUNS OUT: Until the well runs dry, try making one of these tequila drinks while you still can: See recipe. See recipe. See recipe. How do you feel about this tequila-pocalypse? Let us know in the comments!
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