Does a bottle of wine and a warm bath sound relaxing? Then get ready to be super freakin' relaxed 'cause there's a spa "theme park" in Japan that has literal pools of wine. Also, the wine comes out of giant wine bottles. Image: twitter / TheHolidayFinanceCo.  The wine baths, which come via Haute Beauty, are located at the Yunessun Spa Resort, which is in Hakone, Japan. The spa theme park — which sounds like a better and better idea the more you think about — has a few different themes for its baths, but yeah, the wine ones are the coolest. Although the pools are definitely filled with wine (Atlas Obscura notes they can get you drunk), it's still strongly advised by the resort to not drink the pool wine, even if you have one of these cool wine glasses with you. 'Cause you know, all the gross parts of people have been inside of it and also some kids probably peed in it.
If you're wondering whether or not there are any real benefits to bathing in wine, it seems that the answer to that is no, there probably aren't. Although you can apparently get drunk through your butthole. If for some reason you find yourself bored with a steaming pool of wine and oversized bottles showering you with fountains of watery vino, but still want to bathe in booze, there's also the sake spa. Also, there's a coffee spa. And what appears to be a literal heaven on Earth. Are you ready to save up the yen required to get your ass to this wine bath in Japan? Or are you cool with a couple of simple red wine cocktails like the ones below? Let us know, vino freaks! See recipe See recipe

Images: Yunessun Spa Resort 

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