You've all been to a sound bath, right? Or is that just the hipster yogies in L.A.? Anyway, some super experimental mixologists at Washington D.C.'s Columbia Room used the crystal singing bowls usually featured in the sound baths to mix a cocktail for the first time ever, and all we have to say is: Damn, this is pretty spiritual.  While just about every bartender on the planet uses a classic bar spoon to mix their cocktails, the cocktail in the below clip (which comes via Maxim) is mixed purely with sound. Lucious, ringing sound that kind of makes us feel like we're in a zen temple in the middle of a jungle. The technical term for what's happening here is cymatics, or basically visualizing sound using a medium such as water, or in this case, booze.
In the case of Columbia's cocktail — which includes ingredients like fino sherry, quinquina (aromatised wine), verjus blanc (white grape juice), and citrus ash — not only are we seeing the sound waves produced by the vibrations caused by the striker (the tool in the dude's hand) when it taps and strokes the crystal bowl, but the medium itself, the cocktail, is also being mixed thanks to said sound waves.  Obviously this isn't the most practical way to mix a cocktail, but we have to admit it would be pretty damn cool to have a bar where the bartenders only mixed cocktails using these soothing bad boys.
  Just imagine four or five of these crystal bowls singing simultaneously behind the bar while everybody chills out and talks about the meaning of existence or the true suffering of the buddha or whatever. Although the bar would still have to have shakers; these bowls look heavier than the topics they'd make you think about. 
Do you want to see these kinds of singing bowls pop up at your local spot? Do you think a cocktail mixed with sound would taste any different than normal? Let us know in the comments, little tipsy monks! 

Images: YouTube / Man Talk Food


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