There's always been a lot you can do to sexify your drink, like add in fruity garnishes or maybe even a little bubble gum around the rim of the glass. But drink sexification has now been taken to a whole new level by Patrón's "Cocktail Fizzers," which are basically little flavorful bath bombs that disintegrate in your tequila. Seriously, if all our tequila shots came with these tasty balls on the side from here on out, we'd be very down with that. Cosmopolitan picked up on the delicious fizzy balls, which were created by master mixologist Cody Goldstein over at Muddling Memories. Goldstein devised the fizzers for Patrón in celebration of this year's National Margarita Day, which sadly, has passed, but any day is kind of National Margarita Day if you're around Mexican food and over 21, right? The fizzers come in various flavors, including passion fruit, jalapeño, lychee and chia seed, tomato and thyme, celery and elderflower, pickled plum and kelp tea, and orange marmalade with sherry. And while some of those sound like odd flavor combos, our bet would be they've all been concocted to match the taste of Patrón's tequila perfectly. (Seriously, Goldstein is a total freakin' maestro, check out the dude's Instagram for proof.) Here comes the downside of the fizzers though: They're not on the market right now, and even while they were, they cost $30 per fizz ball. But if Patrón can bring the price down and somehow figure out a way to mass produce these bad boys, we think they could take the cocktail world by storm. Or at least by gentle fizz. We know you're probably thirsty for some super flavorful tequila drinks now, so here are a couple recipes to tide you over until the cocktail fizzers come to market: See recipe. See recipe.

Images: Patrón

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