Perfect the Art of Work-From-Home Day Drinking

Written by Erin Alkire

January 22, 2021

We get it: Some of you who are the lucky ones with remote jobs have been stuck inside for ten whole months. If you’re stuck at home, it’s time to be your own bartender. Crafting cocktails is calling your name, and with our limited-time offer, there’s no better time than now to learn this very important life skill.


Our comprehensive guide, Cocktails 101, is the place to start for drink-making basics, mixing technique and overall cocktail confidence. So set your work status as “out to lunch” as you make a lunch break boozy beverage or reward yourself with that 5pm cocktail. 


Make tasty cocktails at home with our Cocktails 101 course

Our online Cocktails 101 course is 13 fun-to-watch, easy-to-follow video lessons that break down every part of mixology, starting with the basics. Not only will you learn the 5 steps to making any cocktail, how to use the tools on your bar cart, flavor pairings and much more — we think you’ll have a blast doing it.


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5 day-drinking-approved cocktails to sip at home

As you work your way through the 2 hours of mixology and home bartending how-tos in Cocktails 101, start spicing up your days at home with day-appropriate cocktails. Whether you’ve got a team happy hour on the calendar for 4pm or you’re planning your drink to celebrate logging out for the day, we’ve got 5 daytime boozy beverages to sip as you work remotely.

To start your day off, up your coffee game. This is a twist on the classic Irish coffee, thanks to the addition of delicious, rich hazelnut liqueur. And with a whipped cream garnish, this morning cocktail is basically breakfast. View Recipe

Mornings turn to afternoons and before you know it, it’s time for lunch. For those of you who find yourselves drinking coffee well into the workday, this coffee cocktail is for you. It’s classy, super complex in flavor, and you’ll get to practice your skills you learned in Cocktails 101. View Recipe

On a Sunday, pour some Coca Cola (or any of your favorite sodas, really) into ice cube trays and freeze. Now, all week you can enjoy a light-ish lunchtime cocktail. Because this cocktail’s so simple, you can easily control the amount of alcohol you’re pouring. Now that’s smart day drinking. View Recipe

It’s time to log out for the day and close your laptop. And you know what that means: It’s alcohol time. This gin-based beverage is a classic in our eyes and is super refreshing for daytime. View Recipe

Tea is a totally appropriate drink to sip in the daytime, right? Right. This flavor-packed pint just happens to also include vodka, rum, gin, tequila and some juicy-sweet mixers. Depending on what your plan is for the day, feel free to use the flavor pairings skills you learned in Cocktails 101 to experiment with just how boozy you want this day drink to be. View Recipe

Learn how to make these tasty cocktails and many more with our all-online Cocktails 101 course.