OK everybody, gather around, 'cause you really need to see how to pop a wine cork using a bunch of lighters. Seriously, there are party tricks that are fun and all that, and then there is this MacGyver kind of sh*t that you only learn if you're on Tipsy Team Six. The video of this weirdly effective little trick was posted by Reddit user dickfromaccounting to the blackmagicfuckery (BMF) subreddit, and the little clip, which has close to 2,000,000 views in two days, is obviously blowing everybody's minds. 
If you're wondering exactly how this particular brand of BMF works, it's all about physics, of course. As reddit user Lovv notes in the comments section for the clip, "Warm air occupies more volume under the same atmospheric conditions [versus colder air]." So the heat from the lighters' flames is causing the air between the cork and the bottle to expand, which provides enough space for the cork to pop out.  You also apparently don't need four people working four lighters at once to make this happen; you can do it on your own with just one lighter.  [caption id="attachment_20745" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] GIF: YouTube / Hacker 007[/caption] But if you don't want to, you don't need to drink alone. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee you'll make some friends instantly if you just use this literally fire ProTip around other people.  
What do you folks think about this surprisingly effective cork-popping method? Do you want to (safely) try this craziness out the next time you make a delicious wine cocktail like one of the ones below? Let us know! https://www.youtube.com/embed/jjvESFuc2ig See recipe. https://www.youtube.com/embed/6OqV0Th2Icg See recipe.

Images: Imgur / dickfromaccounting

GIFS: Via Giphy

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