Fans of Taylor Swift, we have some news that may pique your booze-related interest: Tay Swifty Swizzle is apparently down with doing shots of Fireball, the famous (infamous?) cinnamon-flavored whisky. And while yeah, it's not that big of a deal, doesn't this news kind of put you in the mood to do some shots of the cinnamon whisky? Or at least listen to "Gorgeous"? 

Went back and played the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville! I played there for the first time when I was 14. There were bunny ears and 🥃 this time, thanks to Craig Wiseman. 😁

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The Daily Meal picked up on the phenom singer-songwriter's Fireball adventures, which were documented on her personal Instagram page (above). The SHOTS FIRE(BALLED) — yes, there were multiple shots — were downed at the end of last month at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN, where Swift was first discovered as an eighth-grader.  The other guy in the picture who's not Taylor Swift (it can be hard to spot the difference; he's on the viewer's left and is a very large man in bunny ears), is Craig Wiseman, who's a legendary songwriter in his own right, having written lyrics for tons of huge names like Dolly Parton and Faith Hill. Below are a couple of videos that were posted to twitter of the pair playing together.  Here's a bit of the duo playing an acoustic version of "Shake It Off."  And here are the Fireball-fans playing "Better Man."  If watching these clips really did put you in the mood for some Fireball cocktails, check out the ones below. Watch out for who sees you drinking them though, 'cause it may affect your... Reputation See recipe See recipe See recipe

Images: Instagram / Taylor Swift 

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