Crafting delicious alcoholic beverages is an art, a science, a passion even. It’s a lifelong skill you know you’ll get a lot of use of, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. The holiday for lovers may look a little different this year, so we're here to help with quarantine date ideas. Instead of reservations at the nice Italian place in town, you’re looking up recipes for fettuccine alfredo. And instead of ordering a $10 cocktail on date night, you’re scheming how to make one from home... that’s where we come in. Our comprehensive Cocktails 101 course will have you impressing a date in no time. It’s 13 fun-to-watch, easy-to-follow video lessons that break down every part of home bartending, beginning with the basics. You can rewatch any of the 13 video lessons at your convenience, on-demand, and with lifetime access on any device.  The best part? Until Valentine's Day, when you buy a course, you can give one to someone else for free! This is the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift to your loved one, or a thoughtful present for your single gal pals. Whether you’re looking to brush up your home bartending skills or planning for a special Valentine’s Day date night, Cocktails 101 is the perfect way to hone your craft cocktail abilities. If your date is interested in learning how to make cocktails too, the course can also be an excellent quarantine date idea! Once you gift them the course, you can watch Cocktails 101 together from wherever you are.   What You’ll Learn in Cocktails 101 Whether you’re brand-new to mixology or just wanting to brush up on your shaking, stirring and mixing skills, Cocktails 101 can benefit you. Yes, you! Here’s just a snapshot of the skills you’ll pick up in our comprehensive home bartending course: So step up to the plate and go all out this Valentine's Day... your sweetheart's counting on you. Click here to take the course, and give one for free!
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