Tom Brady was just on The Late Show to talk about how it felt to lose in the Super Bowl, and during the interview the 40-year-old QB talked about how he "rarely" drinks beer now. That, of course, resulted in a chugging challenge from Colbert, and Brady managed to pound down his beer like... well, a frat bro being rushed. (We hope you love that pun, people.) The clip, which comes via People, is kind of long 'cause it contains Brady eating his first-ever strawberry (seriously, he thinks they're stinky), but here's a little GIF action if you just want to watch a glass of beer disappear faster than a running back in beast mode.  On top of Brady drinking the beer, he also took some time to very sensually massage Colbert's forearm with some lotion. Which is not at all relevant to the booze aspect of this story, but still: You should really watch Tom Brady lotion up Stephen Colbert's arm and talk about his stroke technique In terms of general reactions to the powerful display of chug skills, it seems like people are genuinely impressed. Genuinely impressed and also kind of pissed.  How are you all feeling about Tom Brady now, folks? Are you happy to see his human side? Are you impressed with his chugging abilities? Let us know in the comments! And also check out these delicious bomb-style beer shots that you can do at home if you want to emulate this NFL hero/villain. See recipe. See recipe.

Images: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 

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