Summer Cocktails
Get ready for summertime drinkin' with Tipsy Bartender's sexy and delicious summer cocktails! Whether you're a heavyweight or prefer light alcoholic drinks, we have stacks on stacks of refreshing cocktail recipes for your hot girl summer. So no matter what boozy business you're getting up to, pick a drink and let's party! Let's get this summer drink fest started!!! Got any light alcoholic drinks? Hell yeah, homeboy! Let's start off with some Pool Party Punch. This vodka summer cocktail is a ton of fun in a fishbowl. It's a light and refreshing drink that combines vodka, lemonade, blue curacao, lemon wheels, and orange wedges. It's honestly one of the best poolside sippers ever made! But if you like your summer cocktails with a little extra punch, just adjust the amount of vodka. Another great thing about this tropical fish bowl mixed drink is that it's also big enough for you to share with your friends. But only if you want to. For another light alcoholic drink recipe, take a peek at our Summer Beer recipe. This refreshing cocktail recipe mixes up beer, vodka, frozen lemonade, and lime slices. It's the perfect summer cocktail recipe for an outdoor BBQ party and is definitely a must-try drink if you’re doing a little beach drinking this summer. Give us some citrusy summer cocktail goodness! Say no more! If you're looking for a citrus summer cocktail recipe to knock you on your ass, party with a Paloma or a few. It's one of the easiest tequila cocktails you'll ever make and also happens to be the official drink of Mexico. According to Wikipedia, "This drink is most commonly prepared by mixing tequila with a grapefruit-flavored soda such as Fresca, Squirt, or Jarritos and served on the rocks with a lime wedge." Gotta give credit where credit is due! But beware of using real grapefruit juice. That bad boy tends to react with a few medications, including birth control!
Get out your blenders, shakers, and the kitchen sink because the best margarita recipe ever is a sexy homemade margarita. And the beauty of our classic tequila cocktail friend is that you can make them any way you want. So whether it’s a simple margarita recipe on the rocks or a frozen margarita, it’s all up to you, as long as your heart -- and a hefty amount of tequila -- are in it. From easy margarita recipes to the wildest mixology margaritas you’ve only dreamed of, Tipsy Bartender has the sexiest margaritas around.  Help! There are so many different margaritas! Where do I start? Well that depends on what you like, homeboy! If you’re a margarita virgin, we recommend checking out our Classic Margarita. It’s the most simple margarita recipe and essentially the base for all the best margarita recipes. It shakes up tequila, cointreau or triple sec, and lime juice. And if that tickles your fancy, check out the rest of our Classic Margaritas or even our frozen margaritas. But maybe classics aren’t your jam and you prefer something with a little more spice. Peep our Spicy Margaritas, specifically our Sunrise Margarita. This tequila sunrise-inspired margarita recipe uses muddled pineapple, jalapenos, and lime slices. Top that bad boy off with tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour, and agave nectar for a taste of spicy margarita sexiness.  Aren’t you Tipsy Bartender? Where are the candy cocktails?? You don’t have to ask us twice! You’re absolutely right, and ya Tipsy friends have candy margarita recipes at the ready. If you’re feelin’ something sweet, try whipping up our Cotton Candy Margarita. It’s an easy margarita recipe with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and cream soda. But it wouldn’t be a Cotton Candy Margarita without the cotton candy, would it? First, sexify your glass with your candy floss, and then top that sweet, sweet margarita with your margarita mix. And BANG. There you have it!
Long Island Iced Tea & AMF Recipes
Turn up with Tipsy Bartender's Long Island Iced Tea recipes! Whether you're in the mood for the classic Long Island drink or wanna shake things up with some sexy spins, we have the goods. There's even a National Iced Tea Day for you to experiment around with and figure out your favorites. So mix up a Tokyo Iced Tea or a good ol' AMF drink, and let's get this party started! What's even in a Long Island drink? Glad you asked, homeboy. We'll show you how to make a Long Island Iced Tea, and the best one at that. Prepare to raid the liquor cabinet because this tall, tasty drink contains tequila, vodka, white rum, gin, and triple sec. Yeet that all in a circle with some sweet and sour and a splash of cola. But if you wanna get real crazy, garnish that bad boy with a lime wheel and mint sprig for some extra Long Island Iced Tea drink recipe sexification. What Long Island drink variations are there? So many that there's a holiday: National Iced Tea Day. And if you come up with your own, let us know! Some more common Long Island Iced Tea recipe variations are the Adios Motherf*cker -- or more politely AMF drink -- as well as the Tokyo Iced Tea. What makes these different from the classic Long Island Iced Tea recipe? For the AMF drink, the triple sec is substituted with blue curacao and the cola is swapped for lemon-lime soda. In a Tokyo Iced Tea, Midori substitutes the triple sec and also uses lemon-lime soda instead of cola. But for a Long Island variation with only one substitution, check out our recipe for our Long Beach Iced Tea. This super simple Long Island recipe swaps the cola for cranberry juice. What if I'm broke or have dietary restrictions? Fret not! This is Tipsy Bartender, so of course we have Long Island drink recipes for everyone. All these fancy liquors can cost a pretty penny, so if you're a broke homeboy, we still have you covered. Check out our recipe for our Poor Man's Long Island Iced Tea. But maybe you're watching your weight or nutrition macros. Peep our Low Sugar Long Island Iced Tea!
Strong Cocktails
Are you ready to RAGE?! Well you're in the right place! Not only does Tipsy Bartender have wild recipes for insanely strong cocktails, but we have fun and sexy recipes for strong alcoholic drinks that taste good too. It's kind of important when you're out there trying to enjoy yourself. No? Well maybe not to some. But grab a glass and your sturdiest friend because these super strong drinks don't just slap, they pack a huge punch!   Hit me with your best shot! Well that's subjective if you mean it literally. What people like in their strong cocktails is up to them. Luckily, we like to party, so we've got tons of strong and sexy drink recipes. But what we can do for you, homeboy, is tell you about our Three Wise Men Shot. This trifecta of a whiskey shooter recipe mixes up Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, and Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey, so it's perfect for all of you whiskey lovers out there. If that's not crazy enough for you, check out our recipes for our Three Wise Men variations. And you can't forget the OG strong cocktails: the Long Island Iced Tea and our AMF drinks. These two bad boys are similar in that they both contain massive amounts of vodka, gin, tequila, and rum yet still manage to be strong alcoholic drinks that taste good.   Got any strong drinks with rum? Of course we do! For a strong cocktail with rum, check out our recipe for the Zombie. This tropical cocktail boasts both light and dark rum, apricot brandy, and overproof rum. Three types of rum?! No wonder they call it a Zombie because it'll definitely make you feel like one. But maybe you and your friends are going hard at a party. Make a few pitchers of Loretta's Punch. This potent fruity cocktail recipe calls for Everclear, white rum, Kinky Pink, fruit punch, lemon juice, lime juice, seedless orange, and strawberries.
Slushes & Blended Drinks
It's time to unleash your inner freak with blended drinks! Because who doesn't like a great blended cocktail? They're like what shrimp is to Bubba Blue. Anyway, like we were sayin', you can make blended margaritas, blended daiquiris, wine slushies, etc. The sky is the limit because anything can be blended! And Tipsy Bartender has the best blended drink recipes and frozen drinks to help you get your freak on.   Hit me with that brain freeze! You don't have to tell us twice, homeboy! If you really want to freeze your brain, you gotta try our Frozen Adios Motherf*cker recipe. This boozy bad boy will knock you on your ass, but you can use the rest of it as a cold compress. Just blend up ice, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, blue curacao, sweet & sour mix, and lemon-lime soda for this powerful blended cocktail. But if that's a little too much for you, check out our recipe for our Slushy Tequila Sunrise. This super simple 3 ingredient blended drink recipe blends up frozen orange juice cubes and tequila. But don't forget to sexify your glass with grenadine before pouring in your boozy blend. Help! I've never had blended drinks! What are some fun blended cocktails? You what?? Have no fear because Tipsy Bartender is here with sexy blended cocktail suggestions! You already know about blended margaritas and daiquiris, but why not jazz things up a bit? Check out a blended margarita twist with our Frozen Beergarita recipe. This delicious blended drink is also a simple and easy cocktail recipe. Just blend up tequila, margarita mix, beer, and ice. It's the best blended drink recipe for sporting events or backyard barbecuing. Speaking of backyard BBQs, if you're looking to cool off a crowd, whip up a batch of our Lake Day Punch. This vodka Kool-aid jungle juice will be a hit for any gathering.
Sexy Drinks
Looking to get your freak on with some wild and sexy drinks? Look no further for some down and dirty cocktails. Sexy drinking is the name of the game at Tipsy Bartender, but we promise we didn't name some of these. Right out the gate, we're going Panties Unleashed. This fruity and delicious sunset-colored cocktail is fun for social gatherings, both large and small. If tropical drinks aren't your thing, check out our Buttery Nipple Shot recipe. This sexy drink is as creamy as it is steamy, and it's not too far off from its sister Blowjob Shot. With the Blowjob, it's customary to go "no hands" and pick this bad boy up using only your mouth. Let's say you're throwing a big, sexy party and need to feed a crowd. Our Pink Panty Dropper Punch is just what the sexy doctor ordered. It's sweet with a tart kick, and it's a pretty refreshing beer-based jungle juice. Because we're Tipsy Bartender, we also have some pretty out there ones like the Japanese Twerking Booty Cocktail. This one takes some prep, but it'll be one of the sexiest (and jiggliest) drinks you'll ever have. Hold up, some of these sexy drink names are kinda... out there. Oh, we know, homeboy. This comes up a lot. Like we always say about the weird ones, we didn't name them. We just make them! You have to admit that as raunchy as some of these names are, they're damn delicious drinks and fun to make. It's also kinda fun to order sexy drinks at bars... or get someone to buy one for you. Imagine seeing someone sexy, you're both vibin', and they come up to talk to you. You go to make you move and ask for The Dirty Banana Cocktail or a Booty Clap Cocktail. It all works out, they buy you a drink, and you two move on to get an apartment and eventually get married. Boom. Thanks, dirty cocktails!
All Tequila Drinks & Recipes
From dancing on bar tops to making your clothes fall off, you know what they say about tequila. It's the ultimate party drink! Tipsy Bartender's got recipes for all your tequila cocktail needs. Start your tequila drink fest off with a Classic Margarita. You can't beat this three ingredient go-to. Combine tequila, cointreau, and fresh lime juice to make this classic bad boy, and you've got a great, sexified tequila cocktail to kick back and vibe with. If you're looking for something with a little more sex appeal, check out our recipe for the Devil's Kiss. This delicious and dangerous cocktail packs some heat with actual slices of chilis, which makes it a damn good tequila drink to spice up your life.   Hold on. Aren't there like, a bunch of different types of tequila? Why, yes! There are! To take into consideration for your tequila drinks, you've got your silver or blanco tequilas, the purest form with little to no aging and no added grain alcohols or caramel color. What we know as gold, joven, or oro tequila has those added colors and grain alcohols. However, some high-end gold tequilas can be silver and reposado blends. Reposado or "rested" tequila has a minimum aging requirement of two months and a maximum of a year. Añejo or "aged" tequila has a minimum aging requirement of one year and a maximum of three years in smaller oak barrel batches. Extra añejo or "extra aged" is a relatively new category of tequila with a minimum aging of three years. Now that I've been educated on tequila types, does it matter which one I use in my drinks? Like with most alcohol, the aging process deepens flavors and brings out aromas, but this is Tipsy Bartender. You can use whatever you want in your tequila drinks!
Jungle Juices
A good jungle juice recipe can take your party punch game up a few levels. It's also one of the best ways to provide alcohol on a budget, with any number of crazy different jungle juice ingredients! There are many ways to go about making your big boy batch of juice. It's a simple set of ingredients that boils down to your favorite liquors and fruits. Vodka and rum can go with a lot of different flavors, so you they're a good place to start. But there are plenty of other options to go with. Whether you're throwing a Christmas party, New Year's party, Super Bowl party, you can't go wrong with a few gallons of punch in your corner. Learn how to make one of a hundred different kinds of punches, with thousands of different jungle juice ingredients! Common ingredients include vodka, light rum, lemon-lime soda, and fruits of all kinds! A tasty, affordable jungle juice is totally attainable if you play your cards right. In fact, our $40 jungle juice is a fan favorite. That’s an easy mix of vodka, Hawaiian Punch, lemonade and citrus punch. Where you will almost always end up paying is in the liquor department. The best vodka in this case, is anything between Smirnoff and Absolut. If you’re feeling a little fancier, treat yourself to some Tito’s. But listen – jungle juice is by no means vodka-exclusive. There is an infinite set of liquors, fruits and flavors you can add. Mix it up with cinnamon whiskey in our Thanksgiving recipe, or even go floral with flowers in the ice cubes! It's entirely up to you. Dump everything you like into a bowl, fill it with ice, invite some friends (or not) and get tipsy. You might stumble across your own recipe. Before you do that, though, we recommend trying one of our many delicious party punch recipes right here!
Piña Coladas
Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain? We do too! This iconic frozen drink highlights the most delicious ingredients the islands have to offer: rum, coconut cream, and pineapple. Substituting piña colada mix makes this easy cocktail even easier, and we have plenty of piña colada recipes. Puerto Rico can't be wrong in making it their national drink! Delicious, cold, and creamy, piña coladas are the perfect drink during a tropical cruise or to enjoy beach-side. Even if you're not cruising or beach ballin', having one of these bad boy cocktails certainly makes you feel like you are. They are as versatile as they are tasty because they are enjoyable in just about any form. Tipsy Bartender recipes cover everything from the classic colada to jello shots. With this many recipes, there is something for everyone.     But where did piña colada drinks come from? How in the pineapple did it come to be?   The origin of the piña colada is disputed across centuries and continents, but the earliest record of this pineapple coconut drink comes from the 19th century, from Puerto Rican pirate, Roberto Cofresi. Cofresi allegedly created his version of the colada as a morale booster for his crew, and there is no way it didn't work. Ramón "Monchito" Marrero also claims the piña colada in 1954 while bartending at the Caribe Hilton Hotel. Marrero accounts that he wanted to make a drink capturing the spirit of Puerto Rico, and he did a pretty excellent job. Not long after, Barrachina, a restaurant in Puerto Rico, disputed Marrero's claim. Barrachina claims Don Ramon Portas Mingot as the creator in 1963. Because we don't have a time machine, the origin of this delicious, creamy cocktail will remain frozen in time. Piña colada recipes continue to evolve to become more creative. But they're still just as delicious as the day they were born.
The classic mojito recipe is a mix of white rum and minty freshness that can turn any frown upside down. But there is a host of different mojito ingredients and vibes you can take on. It's great for a hot day - but don't limit yourself. Enjoy this simple Cuban cocktail wherever you are, rain or shine. Go the authentic route with fresh mint leaves and sugar alone. Add your favorite fruit or berry. Add another liquor. How the Mojito Recipe Was Made The mojito recipe started in Havana, Cuba. Similar to other citrus-flavored cocktails, the mojito historically helped treat tropical ailments like scurvy. Some theorize the mojito originated with Sir Francis Drake as “El Draque.” That was a brandy cocktail, but the first-recorded combination of lime, sugarcane and mint. We have a few different ways to spin a mojito recipe at Tipsy Bartender. You can go with a classic mojito. You can add some berries to it – really, any kind of fruit will do for this combo. Some add cucumber for a fresh, clean feel, others add cantaloupe if they’re looking for that private island experience. An important step for any mojito recipe is mashing the mix with a muddler. This is meant to help get all the flavor out of the mint leaves, into the drink, as well as help the sugar dissolve. This sugar, mint and rum will set a foundation for a wide variety of enjoyable drinks for any season. You can learn to make these simple cocktails at home, whether you’re stuck by yourself or gathering with friends or family. Like all our cocktails, this is where you learn how to make a mojito just the way you like it. Your next cocktail party will be notably better if you can master one of these.
Boozy Milkshakes
Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Because our alcoholic milkshakes do! Tipsy Bartender is bringing you a bounty of boozy milkshake recipes for your pleasure. And they're guaranteed to be what the guys go crazy for. So whether you're craving a milkshake spin on a classic cocktail or ready to dive into something new, we gotchu. But if you just can't get enough frosty goodness, we have tons of frozen drinks recipes for you to try too.   Help! I've never made an alcoholic milkshake before! Fret not, homeboy! We'll start you off with something easy to build your confidence. Our Red Wine Chocolate Shake recipe is a two-ingredient cocktail with just chocolate ice cream and red wine. Just throw those bad boys in a blender, run it until smooth, and BAM! There you have it! So now that you've got that bit of boost in making boozy milkshakes, let's take off the training wheels. You can totes handle a three-ingredient cocktail recipe, right? Test out our Banana Flambe Shake. This bad boy blends dark rum, crème de banane, and vanilla ice cream. But if you're feelin' yourself, toss in a banana or two.   Can you teach the techniques that freaks these boys? Hell yeah! And unlike Kelis, Tipsy Bartender doesn't charge. Get freaky deaky with our Adult Unicorn Freakshake. This aesthetic af vodka milkshake blends up ice cream, milk, strawberry vodka, and white chocolate liqueur. But the extra fun and sexiness comes from the garnish of frosting, sprinkles, whipped cream, and whatever candies you want! If you're a fan of the Shamrock Shake, peep this minty flavored boozy milkshake. Our Grasshopper Milkshake is a dessert take on the classic Grasshopper cocktail and combines vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, green creme de menthe, and white creme de cacao. And if you liked that delicious bad boy boozy milkshake, you'll love our Vodka Mud Milkshake. It combines caramel infused vodka, half & half, and vanilla ice cream for the best dessert vodka milkshake ever.
Backyard BBQ Drinks
Looking to spice up your backyard BBQ this summer? Well you're in the right place, homeboy! Get wet and wild with Tipsy Bartender's BBQ drinks. From easy personal drinks to large batch cocktails, our BBQ cocktail recipes are some of the best barbecue cocktails around.   Heck yeah! What's on the menu? So glad you asked, my friend! We're serving up more than just BBQ drinks. Maybe you're looking to sexify your actual barbecue business. Give our DIY Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze a whirl because this delicious spiked glaze goes great on everything. But you're probably thinking, "How's it spiked if you heat it??" Well we've got great news, homeboy! Our Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze recipe has you add the whiskey after heating the rest of the ingredients, which means you don't burn off the booze! And for those feeling really freaky, peep our recipe for our Sausage Party Treats. These boozy condiments may not be BBQ drinks, but they can theoretically get you drunk. So eat with caution because these bad boys aren't for the faint of heart.   How about some sexy BBQ cocktails? You got it, homeboy! The best barbecue cocktails are the easiest BBQ drinks to prepare. So what's better than batch cocktails? For an easy peasy BBQ drink you can make in gallon jugs, check out our recipe for our Strawberry Margarita By The Gallon. This delicious strawberry tequila drink combines tequila, Triple Sec, Strawberry Schnapps, and sweet and sour. It's perfect if you have a busy morning and don't have time to mix your BBQ cocktails. Just whip up a jug -- or a few -- of this big batch cocktail recipe and pop it in the fridge so it's there when you need it. But if you're feeling frosty, our Frozen Beergarita is a backyard BBQ must-have.
Frozen Drinks & Recipes
Whether it's summertime, a freak heatwave, or you just really love cold drinks, cool off with Tipsy Bartender's wet and wild frozen cocktail recipes! Our frozen drinks really are the best. They're refreshing, delicious, and absolutely boozalicious. Between our classically frozen margaritas and sexy frozen spins, we have it all. So no matter what kind of frozen drink recipe you're lusting for, we have you covered. Ooooh! Frozen margaritas! I'll take two! Say no more, homeboy! Our frozen margarita recipes are as fun and diverse as a Vegas rooftop pool party. But if you can't make it out to Vegas and still want to enjoy yourself with some frozen drinks, check out our awesome recipes for our frozen margaritas. You can't go wrong with the OG. Our Frozen Margarita Slushie is probably one of the easiest frozen cocktails you could make. Just blend tequila, triple sec, lime juice and simple syrup, with ice until slushy. But if you're into the sweet and salty or just wanna add a little extra sexification, go ahead and rim the edge of your glass with lime juice and dip that bad boy into some salt for an absolutely sexy time. But if that bad boy frozen drink doesn't tickle your pickle, we have even more delicious, fruity frozen margarita goodness to choose from. Hit me with your best frozen cocktail recipes! Hey now, taste is subjective. Our favorites frozen drinks might not be your favorites, so we encourage you to take your own lookie. But what we can tell you is that Tipsy Bartender has something for everyone, so there's at least a few fun frozen cocktail recipes calling your name. If your name is Emily or Samantha, you'll love our Frozé. But no matter who you are, everyone adores our Classic Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri. So get to drinkin' and let us know what frozen drink recipes you love!
All Rum Drinks & Recipes
Why is the rum always gone? Because it's that damn good! Party like a pirate with our sexy and delicious rum drink recipes. Like always, Tipsy Bartender has your back, and these fun and funky rum cocktails will have you plundering and searching for that booty.   Help! I'm a Rum Virgin, and I don't know where to start! Calm down, our virgin friend! Let us learn you some things. Not only are rum drinks delicious, but overall, they're pretty simple too. For those cautious in their seaside journey, check out our recipe for our Cuba Libre. You can't really go wrong with rum and coke. If you're looking for something still easy but with a little more flair, check out our Classic Mojito recipe. This bad boy takes a few seconds of muddling, but its minty and citrus flavor are well worth it. You can also start out with other classics like our Classic Daiquiri, Classic Pina Colada, and Mai Tai. There's a reason the classics are considered the best rum drinks. Okay, I think I can do this. What's next? Ayyy! Let's take the training wheels off, homeboy! We have tons of variations on our classic rum cocktails like the Berry Mojito, so check those out if you liked the OG bad boys. Our Caribbean Sunset Rum Punch is perfect for your next tiki party or even if you just feel like taking some you time to chillax by the pool and pick up some cuties. For something a little more familiar, take a peek at our Bacardi Cocktail recipe. This sexified rum drink has a gorgeous pink hue and is sweet with a little spritz of lime. Celebrations and brunches aren't complete without a Tropical Mimosa. A sip of this celebratory cocktail is where X marks the spot.
All Vodka Drinks & Recipes
Vodka is a top favorite base for boozy drinks because its versatility makes it usable in almost anything. Whether you're in hardcore Party Mode™ with jungle juice, celebrating birthdays with jello shots, or having a classy cocktail dinner with the in-laws, our vodka drink recipes have your back. We even have you covered for brunch dates and post-party blues with our sexy Bloody Mary recipe and its even sexier variations. One of the coolest and unique things about vodka is that it takes well to pretty much anything. Fruit juice, soda, other liquors, pasta sauce. You name it. For instance, let's say you're really enjoying your mocha frappuccino, but you kinda wish it was spiked. BAM! Tipsy has a recipe for a Spiked Mocha Frappuccino and many other dazzling vodka dessert drinks. And you can even make your own candy vodkas or flavored liqueurs with our recipes. Jolly Rancher Vodka is a favorite and can be used in your own vodka drink creations or in some of ours like the Jolly Rancher Skull Crusher. Don't want to make your own flavored vodka for drinks? That's alright because you can find all sorts of fun flavors from brands like Smirnoff and Absolut. What the heck am I drinking? Vodka is distilled from fermented cereal grains and potatoes, so it sounds like a pretty delicious drink already. While standard vodkas in the U.S. have a minimum alcohol percentage of 40%, the European Union requires a minimum of 37.5%. It's pretty common knowledge that vodka has origins in Eastern Europe. The popular drink has nicknames such as Vladimir Putin and Russian Water. But the names are actually not too far off because "vodka" comes from the Slavic word for "water." Help! I'm a vodka virgin and don't know where to start! No need to panic because this is what we do! For the shy vodka drink beginner, you can't go wrong with our two-ingredient classics. Our Vodka Martini is an easy vodka cocktail that make even the least experienced drinkers feel like James Bond... or a Bond Girl. We don't judge. If martinis aren't your thing or you just need a boost of Vitamin C, try a Screwdriver. Vodka and orange juice is a match made in heaven, and it is one of the most simple vodka drinks you can make.
Sangrias are the cornerstone of any classic cocktail party. With the best sangria recipes on the internet, you'll love these mixes of wine and fruit. Bring this to the family get-together and impress your aunt, bring it to the next sorority bash, or grab a ladle and enjoy it all by yourself. The point is, someone somewhere will drink it. And they will love it. There's an easy sangria recipe for every occasion, which is where you come in. The Best Sangrias For This Weekend Sangrias started as a tradition in Europe – namely Spain, Greece and England. Since then, sangria recipes have multiplied to kingdom come. Everyone seems to have their favorite, starting with a base of either red or white wine. This drink is sort of like a party punch jungle juice for winos. With fruit and sparkling water, you get a drink perfect for a picnic blanket and some jazz in the park. Or jazz in the bedroom... That’s all to say, whatever music you enjoy, we have sangrias here to complement the experience. At Tipsy, we’ve got Beachy Peachy Sangrias for the sunshine, and Thanksgiving Sangrias for the cold winter months. There’s a special Christmas sangria for all your warm spice cravings. Or you can go with a classic sangria for any occasion at all! The best sangria recipe for your next party may depend on the season or the occasion. You also know your friends better than we do. So take a look through our delicious bowls of red, white and fruity goodness, all of which you can try right now. You can make any one of these relatively quickly with ingredients you already have, from the comfort of your own home. No matter what you event you're hosting or planning, with all our fantastic sangria recipes, you'll be sure to find the perfect one for you!
Holidays & Special Occasions
We want to make sure that matter what holiday you celebrate, you have a holiday cocktails to go with it. Holiday cocktails make every pastime a good time. For example, try our naughty Christmas cocktail recipes. Shake up some tequila mixed drinks for Cinco de Mayo. Or, draw the bloodiest bloody Mary for Halloween. Finally, champagne cocktails will help you ring in the new year. You have a lot of options this holiday season – here’s how you can make the best of it. Key Ingredients for Holiday Cocktails Maybe you’re trying to bring people together. Or maybe you’re on your own and feeling festive. Either way, there’s a holiday cocktail recipe in it for you. Creating atmosphere is important for human beings. Ever walk in on some fresh-baked holiday cookies? You can recreate that feeling, even if it’s just for yourself, with any of these holiday cocktail recipes. No holiday vibe is complete without chocolate, of course. Also, if you’re leaving shots for Santa, can’t go wrong peppermint, gingerbread, nutmeg or butterscotch in the mix. However, between Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year’s and everything else, there is much more you could bring to the cocktail party. Fruity cocktails with berry and citrus flavor can go fine with chocolate, if you mix it right. Cinnamon and apple are best friends this time of year, too. There is so much room for creativity with holiday drinks. You can do hot or cold, bitter or sweet. Or you can just have a beer. The point is, how you celebrate a holiday is up to you. And you’ll find the perfect complement in this holiday cocktail collection. Just remember, presentation matters more than ever this time of year. Whatever you make for your friends and family, or yourself, be sure to dazzle. Stay tipsy and have a great holiday.
Wine Cocktails
Humans love to have a good time. We've been trying to find ways to let loose since we could stand, and through the power of fermentation, we made wine! Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks, and we've been enjoying it for over eight thousand years. Here at Tipsy Bartender, we love finding new ways to enjoy old classics, and we have tons of sexified wine cocktail recipes right here for you. Plan your next party with a big batch of sultry Sangria. It's usually the first thing people think when they hear "wine cocktail." With its Spanish and Portuguese roots, this wine punch flavored with fruit is a favorite typically enjoyed while cooling off on a hot day. But don't let that limit you! Variations like our Apple Pie Sangria can be enjoyed even while taking shelter from the frost. If wine coolers are your jam, take things up a notch with our Wine Slush recipes. Our Peach Moscato Slush is as delicious as it is refreshing. Our Rainbow White Wine Spritzer is another delicious white wine cocktail to enjoy, and for those who want to feel fancy, this recipe includes a tutorial on how to make fruit ice cubes. For a new and unconventional spin on the ol' cheese and wine pairing, try our Cheese Shot Glasses & Wine. It's perfect for nights in, get-togethers, or people who just really love cheese. Serve with or without crackers, we don't judge. Craving an extra special wine cocktail that uses sparkling wine? Celebrate with our Frozen Sangria Bellini recipe. Its peachy bubbles are sure to tickle your fancy and your nose. Hot wine cocktails are a thing too! Traditionally enjoyed during cold winter holidays, Mulled Wine gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling with its bold flavor and added spices. It's the perfect drink for holiday gatherings or even more intimate settings where you want a little extra heat.
Shots & Shooters
Tipsy Bartender has so many shot recipes, jello shot recipes, and pudding shot recipes, it's like the Wild West out here. The difference between shots and shooters is slim, but significant. A shot is typically pure alcohol, while a shooter is sort of a miniature mixed drink. You often find shooters in the taller, thinner glasses. “Shots” of liquor have been around since the 1600s, while shooters came around in the 70s (thanks, disco). While you might have a single shot of some high-end liquor on a special occasion, shooters are traditionally meant for…well, getting tipsy. Where Shots and Shooters Came From Back in the Disco Days, people started to loosen their ties and try fancy new things (drugs). Clubs saw an opportunity to create colorful, sugary shooters filled with cheaper liquors. They figured some rail vodka and simple syrup would have gone a long way with those crowd, if they could give it a fancy name. Turns out, they were a hit. Since then, shooters have evolved into the wildest, most insane creations you can think of! At Tipsy Bartender, we’ve got a jelly bean shot recipe, a jellyfish shot, a bong water shot, a Butterfinger shot, a peanut butter cup shot, pudding shot recipes, jello shot recipes, and so many others. You’ll have to see what those are for yourself… Of course, shots and shooters have evolved over time. Today, you can get a shot inside a beer or a larger drink, called a “bomb.” Or you can take it back to the good old days and throw back some straight whiskey. Whether you came here for a Jägerbomb or a straight shot of something stiff, you can make any of these with just a few ingredients at home. We'll find a crazy shots recipe for you no matter what alcohol you prefer. Learn how to make jello shots, pudding shots, tequila shots, vodka shots, shooters and countless others. Stay tipsy, but be sure to drink responsibly. Shoot your shot!
Candy Cocktails
It's time to get freaky with Tipsy Bartender's iconic candy cocktails! We've taken your favorite candies and your favorite drinks and put them all together because that's what the people want. Whether you're looking for boozed up gummy bears to stimulating pop rocks and more, we've got the recipes you're looking for. And for even more rhyming, these sweet boozy treats will have you craving more, more, more! So sit down, strap in, and let's get this party going with some crazy candy cocktail recipes!   Bring on the candy! Say no more, homeboy! You know it's some freaky business when there's actual candy in your candy cocktail recipe. But why not? That's what we say here at Tipsy Bartender! The sky's the limit, and that's pretty high up. Kick off your candy craze with our Kinky Blow Pop. This wild bubble gum infused cocktail combines Kinky Pink Liqueur, pink lemonade, lemon lime soda, and of course our bubble gum vodka. Kinky, right? For a more active candy experience, check out our candy cocktail recipe for The Fishbowl. This jumbo boozy beverage is meant for sharing, but if you have an uncontrollable appetite for aquarium gravel, you're in luck! The Fishbowl recipe calls for crunchy and delicious Nerds for that real fishbowl feel.   What about candy cocktails that are more candy inspired? My friend, we have more than just candy infusions up our sleeve! Mixology is an art, and we've perfected some delicious and sexified candy cocktails with no candy required! Take our Apple Jolly Rancher for example. This candy-less candy drink mixes up apple whiskey, Sour Apple Pucker, and lemon lime soda. It's kinda insane how much it tastes like the real deal! If you're craving more, check out our Pink Starburst Martini recipe. This super fun pink candy martini combines vanilla vodka, watermelon pucker and sweet and sour. Fun, delicious, and who doesn't want to drink everyone's favorite Starburst?
Tropical Cocktails
Feel the island breeze with some flirty and delicious tropical cocktails! Whether you're enjoying tiki drink recipes by the beach or stuck at home, Tipsy Bartender's fun and sexy tropical drinks will have you feeling the sand between your toes. So grab your glass, hat, and don't forget sunscreen! Because we're taking this tropical party up a notch, baby!   What makes it tropical? For everyone who lives under a rock, we'll break it down and give you a few examples. Tropical drinks are drinks inspired by fruits and liquors you find in the tropics, which include: coconut, pineapple, mango, banana, citrus, and rum. We can get a little wild with our creations at Tipsy Bartender, so recipes vary. But those are pretty much the basics in flavor for tropical cocktails. Sooo... About those examples... Don't rush us, homeboy! We were getting there! For your tropical drinks basics, let's start off with something mid-range: the Classic Mojito. This super simple yet satisfying tiki drink recipe requires some muddling of lime wedges, mint leaves, and simple syrup. But top that bad boy with white rum and club soda, and BAM! There you have it! It's a fun and sexy drink that's sweet, delicious, and perfect for any tropical occasion. But maybe the muddling is too intimidating. You can always check out our recipe for our Cuba Libre. It's simply rum and cola, so there's no way you can mess it up. If you really want to take the training wheels off your tropical drinks mixing, take a whack at our recipe for our Zombie. This tropical powerhouse packs a punch with both dark and overproof rum, apricot brandy, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. Other fun tropical basics include the Classic Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and Hurricane. If you master them all or are just feeling risky, this is Tipsy Bartender, so you know we have fun variations. Stay Tipsy!
When there's no way to get a strawberry daiquiri near me, I need an easy strawberry daiquiri recipe to make at home. The daiquiri was invented in Daiquiri, Cuba. No joke. People typically think of this as a frozen "slush" drink, but that's not the daiquiri's purest form. Jennings Cox, a mining engineer in Cuba, created the Daiquiri recipe after running out of gin for his guests. He wanted something tastier than rum, so he added lime juice and sugar to it. And it spread like wildfire. Today, you can order a daiquiri a million different ways – strawberry, banana, pineapple, frozen or not. Tipsy even serves up  a Bubblegum Daiquiri recipe. The classic daiquiri recipe makes a smooth liquid blend of rum, sugar and lime. Of course, innovation resulted in hundreds of different recipes over the last century, including frozen ones! A Hemingway Daiquiri is step further into citrus than the simple daiquiri – you merely add grapefruit juice and the drink takes on a reddish hue. The Strawberry Daiquiri recipe looks quite different from the original. You maybe wouldn’t know they’re the same cocktail if you looked at them side-by-side. Still, the only difference is frozen strawberries blended into the cocktail with ice. This creates the perfect drink for sweet, sippable poolside summer treat, ideal for cooling off or getting the party started! Start with the original, and then go on to explore the wonderful world of delicious daiquiris in every shape, size, color, and consistency. Really, there's no wrong way to make one. And if you invent your own, feel free to submit them to us! Your recipe might even get featured on this very page. So after learning all about this delicious drink, we hope you're inspired to enjoy one of these sweet and simple cocktail recipes tonight...
Classic Cocktails
A Tipsy Twist on Your Classic Cocktails...   Classic cocktails are good for any time, any place. These are usually simple cocktail recipes you might order whether you're at a dive bar or a suit-and-tie event. The difference here is, you're not paying $30 for 3 ingredients. And you're in full control of your proportions. Your Old Fashioned can be as strong or sweet as you want. That’s right, you can perfect any classic cocktail from home with the over 200 recipes we’re offering here. We’ve got the Gin and Tonic, the Manhattan, the Negroni, margaritas, mojitos and much more. Here are a few ways we make these cocktails a little different. Let’s take the Negroni as an example. A typical Negroni consists of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Brian’s Negroni recipe takes a different approach. This one includes Bruto Americano and mezcal. Instead of an orange peel, this one uses grapefruit for a garnish. Different cocktails can riff differently. Just look at how many different kinds of daiquiri there are on this massive list of cocktails. Another example is the Ladies of Manhattan. You know the regular Manhattan featuring whiskey, vermouth and bitters? This one takes of the edge, adding raspberry and blood orange liqueur. It can be tough to innovate with whiskey because it’s so complex. But that’s the beauty of trying many cocktail recipes and perfecting them over time. In fact, pick any one of these and see how it might overlap with a few others. You might develop your own unique cocktail recipe with enough practice. Now, the moment has arrived. Let’s get into our different classic gin cocktails, vodka cocktails, tequila cocktails, whiskey and rum cocktails this weekend. Or you can make one of each. The beauty of making drinks at home is that it's entirely up to you...
Pink Cocktails
Get two in the pink this party season with Tipsy Bartender's perfect pink drinks. These sexy pink cocktail recipes are great whether you're looking to drink your favorite color or having a monochrome party of glamorous and girly cocktails. So fix up your crown, Queen. Because we're partying it up with pink alcoholic drinks!   I'm having my birthday party this weekend, and my theme is the color pink! Happy birthday, my friend! How better to celebrate another revolution around the sun on a giant floating rock in space than with a dope ass party with dope ass drinks? And if the color pink is your theme, we totes got your back with pink cocktail recipes. If it's your 21st, celebrate getting your drinking permit with a pink party favorite. Our recipe for our Adios Pink Lemonade is a pink drink version of the OG Adios Motherf*cker cocktail. You can check a foursome off your bucket list because this super pink alcoholic drink will put you on your ass with vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour, and lemonade. But if you're super popular and feeding a crowd at your birthday bash, whip up a big pink batch of Pink Lemonade Jello Shots and Giggle Juice.   Help! I'm having a girls night, and I don't know where to start! Reclaiming femininity is hot, so girly cocktails are in! Have no fear because Tipsy Bartender is here with pink cocktail recipes perfect for girls night. If your squad likes to go shot-for-shot, peep our Kinky Malibu Barbie Shot recipe. This pink shooter shakes up Kinky Pink, coconut rum, peach schnapps, and grenadine. But if your girl gang is craving a sip-able pink cocktail, check out our recipe for our Hippie Juice. This fruity pink alcoholic drink combines watermelon vodka, triple sec, coconut rum, pink lemonade, and tons of fruit for a girly cocktail your squad will love.
Purple Cocktails
Ay, papi! Are you ready for purple cocktails? Because we are! We’re singing and slinging classics from Purple Rain to Purple Haze. So whether you’re a lavender lover or magenta fan, Tipsy Bartender has perfect cocktail recipes in all your favorite purple drink shades.  I need something iconic, Tipsy Bartender! Can you make it happen? Of course, homeboy! We have your favorite iconic purple cocktails right here! Get hazy with the Purple Haze drink shots. We actually have two versions of the Purple Haze drink shot recipe, so try them both and let us know which you like better. But if neither of those tickle your purple pickle, you can’t go wrong with the Purple Rain drink. Prince himself would love this purple cocktail recipe named after his album. The Purple Rain drink mixes vodka, lemonade, blue curaçao, and grenadine. Another fun duo we have is the shot and cocktail versions of the Purple Passion drink. The Purple Passion drink shot is a more streamlined recipe, but the Purple Passion drink cocktail shakes up vodka, gin, rum, raspberry liqueur, and sweet & sour. Top that bad boy off with lemon-lime soda, and BANG. There you have it!   Help! I’m a social media influencer, and I need something aesthetic for the ‘gram! We gotchu, social media star! Peep our Boozy Lavender Coconut Lemonade. Yes, we know it’s a mouthful, but so is this sexy purple cocktail. Vodka, coconut rum, and Hpnotiq Harmonie topped with lemonade and lavender syrup make for the most delicious and aesthetic lavender drink. But if you’re feeling really fancy and want to add a little zest to your photo op, add a couple fresh lavender sprigs and a lemon wheel just for garnish. But maybe you’re up for a little mixology challenge. Our recipe for the Butterfly Effect is even more aesthetic with two layers and a color you can only get from Butterfly Pea Flower tea. 
Bachelorette Party Drinks
They don't call it a bridal party for nothing! Throw the bride-to-be the best bachelorette party ever with some wild cocktails and naughty drinks. Sure, the wedding is going to be great, but this is your bad-ass bestie, and she deserves a party as crazy and fantastic as she is. Celebrate her final party as a single woman with Tipsy Bartender's recipes for bachelorette party drinks! Oh, and don't forget the strippers.   Let's get this party started!!!!! You said it, girlfriend! So why not kick off the festivities with some Blowjob Shots? These fun and suggestive shots are a classic naughty drink, which makes them perfect for your bridal bestie's bachelorette party. The girls are sure to love this creamy dessert drink containing amaretto, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and whipped cream. But there's no way you can skip out on the hilarious and fun hands-free way to take it! For a wild cocktail you can babysit, check out our recipe for our Panties Unleashed. To make this sexy and delicious bachelorette party drink, mix up strawberry purée, Triple Sec, passion fruit syrup, and orange juice. And why not sexify your cocktail further with mini vodka bottles, lime slices, and orange slices? We're maxing out that slushy fruity mixed drink tastiness! But what if we're having family over? They're a bit more... conservative. Who brings family to a bachelorette party?? You could just not tell them the cocktail names, but don't worry, homeboy. Tipsy Bartender is here with bachelorette party drinks that even your most hoity-toity family members can enjoy. Hand everyone a Pink Mimosa so they can toast to the bride. This wild, peachy mimosa combines champagne, grenadine, and peach schnapps. It's already secretly sexy, but we think we can do you one more. To sneak in a bit more sexification, rim the glass with sugar and garnish with strawberries for an even sweeter champagne cocktail that even Grandma is sure to enjoy. And as always, congratulations and stay Tipsy!
Birthday Cocktails
Congratulations on another revolution around the sun! Celebrate your -- or a friend's -- birthday with some fun and sexy birthday cocktails! It's not a party without getting lit, so turn up with some birthday party drinks. You can't go wrong with Tipsy Bartender's fabulous birthday cake drinks. So let's get this party started! Check out our delicious and cakey party cocktails!   Birthday cake cocktails?? That sounds awesome! Hell yeah, my friend! We have cocktails for every occasion, and what's more exciting than birthdays? Break out the Birthday Cake Shots because it's time to turn up! These easy cake vodka shots combine cake vodka and white chocolate liqueur, and you can top these bad boys with whipped cream, frosting, sprinkles, and even a little candle for good measure. For a birthday cake drink you can sip, check out our Birthday Cake Martini #1. This cake-tini combines white chocolate liqueur, cake vodka, and half & half. Rim the glass with frosting and sprinkles and garnish with whipped cream and a candle because it’s your day, and you deserve it. If you're craving a birthday cocktail that's a bit more fruity, we've got your back with our Birthday Cake Martini #2 recipe. This fruitier version mixes vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, and champagne. But this is Tipsy Bartender, so the sky's the limit! Check out our other birthday cake recipes for some extra cakey fun.   What if I don't like cake? Then you're wrong. Just kidding, homeboy! Cake is a standard part of birthday celebrations, but it's not for everyone, so we've still got your back with alternative birthday party drinks! Why not kick off with the perfect birthday cocktail for a 21st birthday? Our Adios Motherf*cker recipe gives you kiddos a taste of nearly all the main liquors used in the boozy business. This super strong AMF drink combines vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and blue curacao for a night you'll never forget or remember. If you try it and are a fan, you should check out our recipe for our Adios Jungle Juice! This bad boy is perfect for feeding a crowd.
All Beer Drinks & Recipes
Beer is our best friend. It's been with us through nights out, daytime lunches, house parties, and even showers. What better way to honor our humble companion than to jazz it up as a beer cocktail? Whether you're simply sexifying it with spices and a bit of juice to create a Chavela or taking bomb shots with your bros, a beer cocktail is a great time anyone can appreciate. Our hoppy friend stands by our side at just about every occasion and celebration. Iconic Beer Towers are perfect for game day get-togethers, and the Pink Panty Dropper Punch makes for the best and most unique jungle juice for your next sexy party. Slow things down and imagine a hot summer day relaxing poolside. You're thirsty, yeah? Reach over and wet your whistle with some Summer Beer, a citrusy beer cocktail with a vodka punch. And for those in Party Mode™, check out our Anthrax Island Shot. Fortunately, skin contact won't transfer the bomb shot to your friends, and you should still give them a high five. But what if you and your buddies have an even wilder side? Dare each other to try The Gag Reflex because this beer cocktail is not for the faint of heart. There are, like, a million types of beers. Does it matter which one I use? Hold on, home boy, because different types of beer can influence your cocktail. Some recipes call for specific types of beer like Charity's Secret Sauce, which calls for Japanese Pale Ale to add to Japanese whiskey. We're familiar with Irish Car Bombs using Guinness, but they really just call for Stout. Drinks like the Power Drill don't call for a specific beer, and jungle juices are pretty much designed for using whatever cheap beer you can get your hands on. What you use is up to you, but we don't judge because that's your business. Stay tipsy!
Bomb Shots
Let that Jager bomb drop, baby! Because Tipsy Bartender has done it again! We're bringing you all your favorite bomb shot recipes from classics to sexy stacked bomb shots you wouldn't believe. You can't get wet and wild without entering the splash zone, can you? So get ready to party with sake bombs to Vegas bomb shot recipes. And if you're good, you can have a little Irish Car Bomb with a twist as a treat.   I'm a bomb shot virgin! What are the classics and where do I begin? You wanna talk classic bomb shots? We got you, homeboy. You gotta go with the OG and check out our Jager Bomb recipe. This energized cocktail is buzzing with popularity. It's super simple because you just take your shot of Jagermeister and drop it into a pint glass of the energy drink of your choice. Jager isn't everyone's jam, so if it's not yours, peep our Vegas Bomb Shot recipe. This sexy, sexy bad boy takes a Crown Royal and butterscotch schnapps shot and drops it into your faithful energy drink. But for some extra bomb shots fun, let's take a trip out East. Maybe you watched Naruto as a kid and developed an unhealthy obsession with Japan. Increase your ninja run speed with our Sake Bomb recipe. This  just place a sake shot on some chopsticks over a cup of beer, and then just bang on the table until that little shot drops into the beer and you are good to go!   I know you guys. Where's all the weird stuff? As promised, you can have a little Irish Car Bomb recipe twist as a treat. Our Action B*stard bomb shot lines up equal parts rum cream and amaretto and drops them into a dunk tank of half a pint of Guinness. Which makes it a fun and delicious play on our Irish Car Bomb recipe. But if you really wanna get freaky, check out our reverse bomb shots.
Blue Drinks
Have you ever thought about how there aren’t many blue foods out in nature? Think about it. Even blueberries are green inside and purple when you blend them. Now that we have your attention, homeboy, treat yourself to our blue drink recipes because they’re the forbidden drink made unforbidden. There’s also just something really sexy about blue cocktails. The Blue Lagoon cocktail? Sexy af. The AMF drink? We almost can’t handle the sex appeal! But besides blue curacao cocktails being one of Skyy’s favorites, these blue drinks are so good, you’ll want to try them all.   Help! I’ve never had a blue drink! Calm down, homeboy! We’ll get you there! Now, there’s no shame in being a blue cocktail virgin. A classic blue drink for newbies is the AMF drink. Yes, it stands for Adios Motherf*cker, and it’ll have you saying it if you’re not careful. But we’re polite here, so “AMF drink” it is. This powerful blue cocktail packs a foursome of liquors, so you can check that off your bucket list. Vodka, gin, tequila, and rum along with blue curacao, lemon-lime soda, and sweet & sour make this beautifully potent drink. But if that’s a little too intimidating for you first timers, you can still enjoy this aesthetic blue curacao cocktail on a smaller scale with our AMF shot recipe.    I’m having a party and need blue drink suggestions! We don’t know your friends, but if they’re freaks, y’all can get nasty like Luke Skywalker and indulge in some Blue Milk. This blue curacao cocktail features coconut rum, amaretto, blue curacao, milk, and cream. Luckily, you don’t have to milk the bantha yourself. But if you’re hosting a larger party, check out our Blue Lagoon Sangria recipe. It’s a sangria pitcher take on our Blue Lagoon cocktail. It’s the perfect blue drink recipe for when you don’t have a lot of prep time because a bottle of sauvignon blanc, blue curacao, and lemon-lime soda are pretty easy to throw together. 
Brunch Cocktails
Going out for brunch cocktails might sound like a once-per-month, Saturday morning kind of deal. Of course – brunch tends to be over-priced. You’re paying for the “experience” of a well-dressed, late-morning, small-plate meal with brunch drinks. But having morning drinks at home doesn’t have to be any different. You can have all the same drinks for a fraction of the price (and certainly more food) than any restaurant will give you. How to Think of Brunch Cocktails Now, let's get your brunch in order. The first thing you will learn when looking at brunch cocktails is that you have more options than you think. People tend to limit themselves to Bloody Mary's and mimosas for brunch. But there are plenty of other drinks you can share with your friends in the morning that include beer, champagne, wine and much more. Hell, you could have a margarita or a lone shot of tequila for breakfast if you wanted. However, if you’re creating an experience for friends and family, it's ideal to create a breakfast atmosphere. Drinks work well for brunch when they have a naturally “sunny” or “fruity” vibe about them. Also, you’re not trying to get people sloshed at noon. Part of this is simply starting the day right. That said, there's nothing better than a Bloody Mary done right. You also can't go wrong with a mimosa or tequila sunrise, or any of these other brunch drink recipe you like. Everyone has a favorite brunch cocktail, right? Bloody Marys can go either way. Mimosas tend to be crowd-pleasers. Some of us are even simpler and prefer a classic vodka and orange juice – the famous Screwdriver. Maybe you’ve got a big group and want to share a bowl of sangria with the fam. It will all ultimately depend on what you’re serving and who you’re with. Now, choose one of these morning cocktails and roll with it.
All Champagne Recipes & Drinks
Champagne is everyone's go-to celebration drink because of its delightful bubbles and luxurious appearance. It gives us that feeling of a special occasion in a glass. Fortunately for you, every day is a celebration with our champagne cocktail recipes. Our bubbly bff is versatile and can dress up or down for any occasion. Get ready to raise your glass! Brunch is one of the greatest inventions man has blessed society with, and you know it's not complete without a few champagne drinks on the table. We have your recipes covered from bellinis to mimosas, but we couldn't stop there. Try out some of our new spins on old classics like our Mermaid Mimosa and Strawberry Lemonade Bellini. Our Mermaid Mimosa isn't just a pretty green face. This champagne cocktail's sweet and tropical flavor comes from melon liqueur, blue curacao, and pineapple juice instead of the usual orange. Our Strawberry Lemonade Bellini offers a spin on the sweet bellini by adding a little taste of tart to wake you up. If you wanna get a little fancier for your New Year's Eve party, check out our French 75, a delicious drink dressed up in gin, syrup, and lemon juice. You can also live out your fantasies with its variations, the French 76 and French 77. These classy sisters make for a coy champagne cocktail no one can resist.   Don't you mean sparkling wine? Yeah sure, it's technically not real champagne unless it's from the Champagne wine region of France. All other champagnes are considered "sparkling wines" but we're an entity for the common man, people! You can use the fancy stuff for your champagne cocktails if you want, Moneybags. That's your business, and we'll stick to ours. Why is champagne so synonymous with fancy occasions? Well, well, well, mon petite baguette. The answer to that is quite simple: marketing! During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, champagne manufacturers started noticing a new opportunity. The emergence of the middle class presented a new audience, and who doesn't like feeling like royalty? Manufacturers started using packaging and advertisements to create the fancy feel of champagne and bubbly cocktails.
Cider Drinks
It's time to kick back and relax with some cider drinks from Tipsy Bartender! They're sweet, sometimes cinnamon-y, and full of delicious fun. What's not to love about a sexified apple cider cocktail? Although they're typically associated with fall, our cider cocktail recipes can, and should, be enjoyed all year long. Get your party started with a Darth Jager. This reverse bomb shot is as fun as it is tasty. The shot of Jagermeister adds a fresh and herbal flavor to your hard cider drink and will show you the power of the dark side. Looking for something a little fancier? Our Spring Time Love is a simple yet classy cider drink that will tantalize your taste buds and impress your friends, family, date, and pretty much everyone. This bougie banger packs muddled blackberries, lime juice, gin, elderflower liqueur, and hard pineapple cider. Hit me with your favorite fall recipes! Say no more! Because fall is the time they're in season, apples are abundant. Make--and lose--memories with our Apple Pie Moonshine recipe. This infusion combines spiced apple cider with Everclear, so you'll definitely feel it. If you're looking for some fun fall party cocktails or some holiday drinks, check out our recipes for our Sparkling Fall Sangria and Apple Cider Margarita. These cider recipes are fun, sexy, and easy to make. Help! Some of these call for regular apple cider. Could I use hard cider instead?? Calm down, homeboy! It's gonna be alright. You can totally substitute hard cider for a recipe calling for soft cider, but your cider drinks might taste a little different. The world is your oyster, and it's not like Tipsy Bartender is in your house to make sure you're following our recipes to a T. Just be careful because some cream liqueurs like RumChata can curdle when they come into contact with acidic liquids like certain fruit juices, beer, hard seltzers, hard ciders, etc.
Dessert Drinks
Who doesn't like a down and dirty dessert cocktail? Because of our iconic powerhouse candy cocktails, you know us as your boozy sugar daddy. But those aren't the only sweet treats we're packing at Tipsy Bartender. Be bad and indulge in our delicious, sexified dessert drink recipes guilt-free.       Dessert cocktails? Like ice cream? You're in for a treat, homeboy! Sure, we've got boozy ice cream treats like our Adult Oreo Shake and Irish Cream Float, but the sky is the limit when it comes to mixology and dessert drinks. Take our Limon Sorbet for example. This citrusy dessert cocktail recipe is super simple with only two ingredients: RumChata Limón and Club Soda. But we've got cake cocktails too like our Red Velvet Cake Martini. This incredible cake vodka cocktail recipe mixes up white creme de cacao and cake mix. Yes, we know, but don't knock it 'til you try it! If you're a cookie guy like Magic Mike, peep our cookie cocktail recipes. Our Girl Scout Cookie Shot combines coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and Peppermint Schnapps. Don't forget to buy a box though because these delicious dessert drink shooters accompany Girl Scout cookies perfectly. If chocolate cocktails are your jam, you're in the right place. Check out our recipes for our Death By Chocolate, Black Forest Martini, and all their cocoa cousins. If thick and creamy dessert drinks are a little too rich for you, take a sip of our Lime Sherbet Margarita. This awesome twist on the classic margarita cocktail recipe combines tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, lime sherbet, and powdered sugar. You can sip on this bad boy as a palate cleanser or just sit back and enjoy!       Y'all are wild. You have so many dessert cocktail recipes. We know! Isn't it great? We know y'all be indecisive though, so Tipsy Bartender has you covered with a sexy, sexy dessert drink sampler you can try a little bit of everything with. Direct your attention to our 4 Dessert Shots recipe. This bad boy includes recipes for a sexified Pineapple Upside Down Cake shot, a bombastic Birthday Cake Shooter, a down and dirty Chocolate Cake Shot, and a delicious Apple Pie Shooter.
Party Drinks & Recipes
Party drinks aren't limited to shots and shooters, punches and jungle juices. Maybe you're throwing a Halloween bash and need some Halloween cocktail recipes. It's Thanksgiving or Christmas, and you want a simple cocktail recipe you can whip up for the whole family in no time. We've got enough party drink recipes here to last you the year. Here are some highlights from one of our favorite collections. Best Party Drink Recipes on Tipsy First off, you’re going to see a lot of crazy cocktail names on here. But peppered throughout, you’ll find a few simple classic cocktails as well. One of our favorites is the classic sangria. Maybe you know it well. It’s a jug of brandy, red wine, lime soda orange slices, lime wheels, green apple slices and green grapes. At the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got something like Airhead Xtreme Jolly Rancher Vodka Popsicles. Don’t run away yet! The name is long, but they’re delicious and great for any party. In fact, it contains some of the same base ingredients as the classic sangria. Check it out… These popsicles are merely vodka, lemon lime soda, jolly ranchers, airhead extreme belts and a popsicle mold. You end up with colorful, swirly, fruity vodka popsicles. So there you have it. From a classic bowl of red sangria, to a batch of zany popsicles, you can throw any kind of cocktail party imaginable. As a matter of fact, throw in a classic cocktail for your party this weekend, something simple like an Old Fashioned, Negroni or Manhattan. If you really want to throw down, we have plenty of fantastic jungle juice recipes to turn your party up a few notches. Whether you like whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila or wine, you're in the right place. Just pick your favorite...
Fireball Drinks
What's better to bring out the sexification in you than a little sinnamon spice? Fireball alone is delicious as a cinnamon whiskey, and it's made a name for itself because of it. But here at Tipsy Bartender, we love improving on already great things. Our sweet and spicy Fireball drinks are perfect for any time, place, or event. No matter the season or time of day, we have your back. Fireball drinks are popularly drank as shooters, which makes sense because who doesn't want to take a shot of sweet, sweet Apple Pie? It's like being at Grandma's house minus the scratchy sweater and questions about when you're getting married. Our Hot Lil' Honey Shots are also fire and super easy to make. Combine your Fireball cinnamon whiskey, some honey whiskey, hazelnut liqueur, and BAM. There you have it! While the cinnamon flavor of Fireball is typically enjoyed in shot form, it can add some spicy character to mixed drinks. Celebrate our friendly pollinators with The Angry Bee. At least this simple drink isn't going extinct. This Fireball cocktail is a super fun spin on the whiskey and cola classic with its spiced punch in the face and slightly sweeter flavor.  Our Breakfast In Bed is another Fireball drink that you can have with breakfast, or for breakfast if you're wild. Cinnamon, butterscotch, and orange juice make for a delicious, yet simple cocktail. Large batches your thing? We got you. Our Sparkling Fall Sangria and Devil's Thanksgiving Jungle Juice are perfect for big holiday gatherings, but they're both so good that you can, and should, enjoy them anytime. Help! They don't sell Fireball in my area! Calm down! We know it's the most popular, but you can use any cinnamon whiskey for your Fireball drinks. We even have a recipe on How To Make Red Hots Whiskey, just because we love you. Stay tipsy!
Cocktail Popsicles
Cool off your hot bod with Tipsy Bartender's fun and sexy cocktail popsicles! These boozy popsicle bad boys are perfect as summertime treats but can be enjoyed any time of year. So whether you're whipping up a batch of alcoholic popsicles for your backyard BBQ or just as a personal treat, our frozen drink recipes come in all your favorite alcohols like vodka, rum, and more. How can you make a cocktail into popsicles?? With a freezer, a little bit of patience, and our fabulous, frozen recipes, homeboy! But of course everybody has their preferences on how to enjoy their favorite cocktail popsicles, so we make it easy for you. Maybe you prefer your boozy popsicles as iconic as they can be. Freeze those bad boys in a mold with that iconic popsicle stick to hold on to and have a great lickin' time. But if that's not your jam, we can fix that right up too. Pour your cocktails into tubes, freeze them, and you have a perfect alcoholic popsicle in freeze pop form! So it doesn't matter if you prefer licking or sucking because you do you. So what's good then? We all have different tastes, my friend. So it's best for you to take a look for yourself, but we can suggest a couple easy cocktail popsicle recipes to get you started. Vodka is usually a pretty safe place to start. If you wanna get your vodka popsicle freak on, our Screwdriver Popsicles are a light and refreshing vodka popsicle recipe to start with. But maybe you want something a little less basic. Tipsy Bartender is known for our sexy candy cocktails, so peep our recipe for our Skittles Vodka Popsicles. These sweet alcoholic popsicles take a little extra prep in infusing your own Skittles Vodka, but it's super fun and delicious.
Fishbowl Drinks
You might be thinking, "What is a fishbowl?" Fishbowl drinks are fun, shareable boozy beverages in -- you guessed it -- a fishbowl! But just because you can share doesn't mean you have to. From the traditional Scorpion Bowl to our creative candy cocktails, Tipsy Bartender is your one stop shop for all your cocktail bowl recipe needs.   What traditional fishbowl drinks are there? Well, homeboy! You can't go wrong with the OG, so check out our recipe for The Fishbowl. In a bowl, combine vodka, coconut rum, peach schnapps blue raspberry vodka, and lemon lime soda. But the real magic happens with the garnishing. Quickly pour in a box of Nerds candy and drop in some orange slices and Swedish fish for that real fishbowl feel. And if you don't feel like sharing, we have personal cocktail bowl recipes too! This incredible vodka mixed drink recipe calls for vodka, coconut rum, Peach Schnapps, blue raspberry vodka, and lemon lime soda. And to make these fishbowl drinks extra special, garnish with Swedish Fish Candy and Nerds in order to make this bad boy look like a legitimate little fishbowl.   Hit me with your creative cocktail bowls! You asked for it, homeboy! When it comes to creativity at Tipsy Bartender, that usually means candy. Our Cotton Candy Fishbowl recipe is super fun and blends ice, strawberry vodka, triple sec and pink cotton candy. And you can stop there, but you could further sexify this bad boy by repeating the process with blue cotton candy using raspberry vodka. Let's say you're not a big fan of candy. You might be in the wrong place, my friend, but we have something for everyone. For a big and boozy tropical fishbowl drink, take a peek at our Tropical Fishbowl Margarita. This citrusy and refreshing cocktail mixes tequila, Triple Sec, coconut rum, peach schnapps, lime juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice.
Absinthe Cocktails
Let's party with the green fairy! Absinthe cocktails and absinthe shots pack a real punch in both flavor and alcohol content. Popular in Europe's bohemian movement, they're making a wild and sexy comeback. And Tipsy Bartender has all the recipes you need to find the right absinthe cocktail for you! For a classy, Moulin Rouge-esque celebration or a fancy take on brunch, check out our recipe for our Death In The Afternoon. This bubbly absinthe drink eases the high alcohol content while savoring its deep, herbal flavor. If strength is what you're after, check out our Death Drop recipe. These super strong shots mix vodka, tequila, green absinthe, and 151 proof rum. You'll be really tipsy after one big gulp. You might start seeing a pattern here, but we promise not all absinthe drinks have "death" in their name. Just take a peek at our Green Fairy recipe. This absinthe cocktail shooter packs a sweet lil' punch with that iconic sexy green color.   All I know is that it's green and it makes you see stuff. What is absinthe?? Hold your horses, homeboy! Let Tipsy Bartender explain something to you. Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit made from both medicinal and culinary herbs. Typical herbs that manufacturers use to sexify absinthe include: wormwood, green anise, and sweet fennel. Unfortunately, you don't actually hallucinate. That was made-up prohibition propaganda to make it seem dangerous. But you can't keep artists down. Because of its reputation, absinthe attracted many artists and writers part of the bohemian movement. Formerly known as The Absinthe Room, the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans is famous for the popularity of absinthe cocktails. Artists and writers like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Frank Sinatra would frequent The Absinthe Room.   No way! I never knew those old dead guys partied. You have no idea how hard some of these dudes partied. This might give you an idea though. Other notable absinthe drinkers include: Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. Now that's a party.