Citrus Cocktails

Get your daily dose of vitamin C with Tipsy Bartender’s citrus cocktails! Who doesn’t like an easy peasy, lemon squeezy recipe, right? So whether you’re whipping up one of our two ingredient orange cocktails, mixing a more complex lemon cocktail, or even vibin’ with a classy grapefruit cocktail, we gotchu, homeboy. And if you’re not quite sure how deep the sweet and sour rabbit hole goes, just think about how many different lime cocktails there are. Like margaritas and moscow mules. So browse our bangin’ cocktail recipes, grab a glass, and toast to citrus drinks!  

Help! I don’t think I’ve had a citrus cocktail ever!

You probably have but didn’t realize it, homeboy! Citrus cocktails are way more common than you think. Just look at margaritas and mimosas. You also have your kamikaze cocktails, tequila sunrises, vodka lemonades, and screwdrivers. But those are just the really common citrus cocktail recipes. When you go into more complex flavored classic cocktails, you get other bad boys like whiskey sours and mojitos. Our point is that citrus and booze are such a match made in heaven that it’s nearly impossible to never have had a boozy citrus drink.  

Okay, okay. I’ve definitely had at least most of those. What are some more obscure citrus cocktails to try?

We knew it! Lemon cocktails tend to be pretty popular with vodka lemonades and the like. And orange cocktail recipes tend to use orange juice as a highlighted ingredient. Lime cocktails are also drink staples. But the citrus cocktails that tend to fly under the radar are grapefruit cocktails! You have your Sea Breeze and Salty Dog recipes, and they’re delicious af. Just be sure to check your prescription instructions if you’re on any medications including birth control. Why? Because grapefruit juice is so deliciously powerful that depending on the medication, it can interact!