Gummy Bear Drinks

Everybody likes gummy bears! Why not give these beloved gummy sweets the Tipsy treatment with cocktail gummy bear recipes? Whether you're looking for the OG vodka gummy bears or fun and boozy cocktail gummy goodness, Tipsy Bartender has candy cocktails everyone can enjoy.  
Omg yes!!! Vodka bears are my favorite!
Homeboy, if vodka gummy bears are your favorite, you need to get out more. Just kidding. You know we love candy! You can't go wrong with the original Vodka Gummy Bears recipe, but this is Tipsy Bartender, so you know we got gummy bear drink twists! Take a peek at our recipe for Tequila Gummy Bears. These bad boys are basically fun and sexified tequila gummy shots. If you're a rosé fan, we've got a fun cocktail gummy bear recipe too! Check out our DIY Rose Gummy Bears recipe for the perfect bite-sized cocktail gummy sweet. Whether you're making these to feed a crowd or for your own personal boozy snacks, these spiked gummies are delightfully fun to eat.
Okay, I'm throwing a party and really need something to impress my guests.
We got you because this is what we do! It's go big or go home here at Tipsy Bartender, and we've got just the gummy bear drinks for you. For the ultimate party centerpiece, check out our recipe for our Giant Vodka Gummy Bear. All you have to do to make this beast of a boozy treat is soak a gigantic Gummy Bear in vodka, peach schnapps, and coconut rum. And BANG! You’re good to go! But we don't always have to be so literal to impress our guests. If you're looking for a delicious gummy bear drink you can sip, direct your attention to our Gummy Bear Martini recipe. This super-tasty candy cocktail combines raspberry vodka, Peach Schnapps, cranberry juice, grenadine, and of course, some Gummy Bears. But you have to stab those bears with a skewer so you better not be squeamish. And if your favorite flavor is the white gummy, we've got a White Gummy Bear Martini too!