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1000° Knife vs. Bacardi 151

The 1,000 Degree Knife YouTube challenge is hot right now (so hot!) so we've decided to do a tipsy take on the popular challenge.


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  1. Use butane torches to heat a knife until it's glowing with heat (carefully!).
  2. Slice fruits and sprinkle brown sugar over them. Use the knife on its side to melt and caramelize the sugar onto the fruit.
  3. Place the caramelized fruits into the base of a pitcher or punch bowl and pour in liquors and mixers.
  4. Add a float of Bacardi 151, or any other overproof rum, to the top and ignite using the hot knife.

Tools & Glasses

Punch Bowl

More about the 1000° Knife vs. Bacardi 151

We’ve filled a punch bowl with five different types of rum, including Bacardi 151, and just a couple of splashes of grenadine and passionfruit juice to keep things from getting downright explosive. Plus we’ve cut and caramelized some bananas, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples because we are all about celebrating a sweet slice of the knife-life.