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Alabama Slammer

Sip on a taste of the South with this beautiful and delicious Alabama Slammer cocktail, garnished with an orange twist and cherry.

What You'll Need

Southern comfort
1 oz
Sloe gin
1 oz
1 oz
Orange juice
3 oz


Collins Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add 1 oz Southern Comfort to an ice-filled glass
Add 1 oz Sloe gin to the glass
Add 1 oz Amaretto to the glass
Add 3 oz Orange juice to the glass
Garnish with an orange twist and cherry
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More About This Drink

The Alabama Slammer is one of those classic cocktails that's ultra beautiful and ultra tasty. This gorgeous red mixed drink combines Southern Comfort, sloe gin, amaretto, and orange juice, and is garnished with an orange twist and cherry for a little extra tropical cocktail love. ALABAMA SLAMMER 1 oz. (30ml) Southern Comfort 1 oz. (30ml) Sloe Gin 1 oz. (30ml) Amaretto 3 oz. (90ml) Orange juice Garnish: Orange Twist and Cherry PREPARATION 1. Build in a ice filled glass. 2. Garnish with an orange twist and cherry. DRINK RESPONSIBLY! *Alabama Slammers are often shaken with ice, but doing so eliminates the yellow to red color gradient that has become associated with this drink.

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