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Amaro Spike

Elevate your Budweiser game with a dash of Amaro Spike and enjoy the extra flavor and bitterness!

What You'll Need

1 bottle
1 oz
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Made Entirely In Canada


Pop Budweiser and take a few sips
Pour in Amaro
Cover opening with thumb
Flip once to combine
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More About This Drink

The basic Budweiser in a bottle is a classic, but let's face it: It can get a bit boring. To spice things up, try this Amaro Spike, which adds amaro into the mix for some extra flavor and delicious bitterness. AMARO SPIKE 1 Bottle Budweiser 1 oz. (30ml) Amaro PREPARATION 1. Pop Budweiser and take a few sips. 2. Pour in Amaro, cover opening with thumb and flip once to combine. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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