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Apple Jolly Rancher

Take a shot at this wild green whiskey cocktail that tastes like a dreamy sour apple Jolly Rancher candy!

What You'll Need

Apple whiskey
1 part
Sour apple pucker
1 part
Lemon lime soda
1 part


Rocks Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add ice to serving glass
Pour over apple whiskey and apple pucker
Top with lemon lime soda
Stir lightly
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More About This Drink

This Apple Jolly Rancher cocktail is one for the ages folks — seriously, this is a wild sour candy cocktail recipe that you need to try. This beast of a green whiskey cocktail mixes up apple whiskey, Sour Apple Pucker, and lemon lime soda, and tastes like a little green dream in your mouth. APPLE JOLLY RANCHER 1 Part Apple Whiskey 1 Part Sour Apple Pucker 1 Part Lemon Lime Soda PREPARATION 1. Add ice to serving glass and pour over apple whiskey and apple pucker. 2. Top with lemon lime soda. Stir lightly. DRINK RESPONSIBLY! (User Submitted by Blake H @

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