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Aqua Hurricane

You want to get rocked like a hurricane?


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You want to get rocked like a hurricane? No? How about just rocked by an Aqua Hurricane cocktail then? This galeforce drink includes melon liqueur, strawberry vodka, Blue Curaçao, simple syrup, and lemon lime soda. Rim the glass with some blue sugar 'cause this drink may be oceanic in origin, but it still doesn't need to be salty.

1 oz. (30ml) Melon Liqueur
1 oz. (30ml) Strawberry Vodka
½ oz. (15ml) Blue Curacao
½ oz. (15ml) Simple Syrup
3 oz. (90ml) Lemon Lime Soda
Blue Sugar

1. Rim edge of glass with blue sugar. Set aside.
2. In an ice filled glass combine melon liqueur and simple syrup. Stir well. Pour into base of glass and top with ice. Add lemon lime soda.
3. In an ice filled glass mix strawberry vodka and blue curacao and float on top.
4. Garnish with cherry.

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