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Bahamas Shot

Toast to the Bahamas with a patriotic shot that's sure to make you feel like an islander!

What You'll Need

Creme de banana
1 part
Blue raspberry vodka
1 part
Black vodka
1 part


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add 1 part Creme de banana to shot glass
Add 1 part Blue raspberry vodka to shot glass
Add 1 part Black vodka to shot glass
Layer ingredients in order shown above
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More About This Drink

In celebration of the Bahamas, we present to you mamas and papas, the Bahamas Shot. This tipsy salute to the best islands in the world contains crème de banane, blue raspberry vodka, and black vodka. And the best part is this shot looks exactly like the Bahamian flag! Pride, people, pride! BAHAMAS SHOT 1 Part Creme De Banana 1 Part Blue Raspberry Vodka 1 Part Black Vodka PREPARATION 1. Layer in shot glass in order shown above. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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