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Bazooka Joe Shooters

Introducing the colorful and delicious Bazooka Joe Shooters - a layered blend of Irish cream, creme de banana, and blue curacao!

What You'll Need

Irish cream
1 part
Creme de banana
1 part
Blue curacao
1 part


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add blue curaçao to the base of a shot glass
Gently layer creme de banana on top
Layer Irish cream on top of the creme de banana
Shoot and enjoy!
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More About This Drink

Layered shots don't get much more beautiful than these Bazooka Joe Shooters. To make these little layered shooters, just mix up Irish cream, creme de banana, and blue curacao, and bang, you have some super-tasty banana mixed drinks. BAZOOKA JOE SHOOTERS 1 Part Irish Cream 1 Part Creme De Banana 1 Part Blue Curacao PREPARATION 1. Add blue curaçao to base of shot glass before gently layering creme de banana on top. 2. Finish by layering irish cream and shoot. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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