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Bear Fight

Get ready to party with the Bear Fight shot, a crazy combination of Irish cream, whiskey, Guinness, Jägermeister, and energy drink!

What You'll Need

Irish cream
1 part
Irish whiskey
1 part
0.5 pint
1 shot
Energy drink
0.5 pint


Pint Glass


Combine Irish cream and Irish whiskey in a shot glass
Half-fill a pint glass with Guinness
Set aside
Fill a shot glass with Jagermeister
Half-fill a pint glass with energy drink
Drop the shot glasses into their corresponding pint glasses
Shoot the Irish Car Bomb first
Follow with the Jager Bomb
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More About This Drink

Rock out with this Bear Fight shot if you love Jäger cocktails. This creamy shot combines Irish cream, Irish whiskey, Guinness beer, Jägermeister, and energy drink, and is perfect for folks who love being hyped up while they're getting their tipsy on. BEAR FIGHT Irish Car Bomb: 1 Part Irish Cream 1 Part Irish Whiskey 1/2 Pint Guinness Jager Bomb: 1 Shot Jagermeister 1/2 Pint Energy Drink PREPARATION 1. Create an Irish Car Bomb shot by combining irish cream and irish whiskey in a shot glass before half filling a pint glass with Guinness. Set aside. 2. Next create a Jager Bomb by filling a shot glass with jagermeister and a pint glass half way with energy drink. 3. To drink, drop the two shot glasses into their corresponding pint glass and first shoot the Irish Car Bomb, followed by the Jager Bomb. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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