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Beer Tower

Get ready to take your drinking game to the next level with the incredible and awe-inspiring Beer Tower!

What You'll Need

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plastic coupe


Line up coupe glasses in a square
Make sure edges are touching
Stack glasses over first row has gaps
Ensure edges on those are touching as well
Form a pyramid to desired height
Pour beer from top until all glasses are filled
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More About This Drink

All hail the almighty Beer Tower! Create as many layers as is physically and fiscally possible out of coupe style plastic champagne glasses, then fill from the top with beer. Watch in amazement as trickle down theory actually works for once! BEER TOWER Cheap Beer Coupe Style Plastic Champagne Glasses PREPARATION 1. Line up the coupe glasses in a square, making sure the edges are touching. 2. Stack glasses over the first row has gaps, ensuring the edges on those are touching as well. 3. Once you've formed a pyramid of desired height, pour beer from the top until all the glasses have filled. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY!

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