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Berry Lemonade

This Berry Lemonade is so beautiful it belongs in a museum, or y'know, your tummy.


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  1. Drop strawberries and blackberries in the base of your glass and muddle. Set aside.
  2. In a shaking glass with ice, combine gin, peach schnapps and simple syrup. Shake well.
  3. Build your serving glass with crushed ice and strawberry wheels. Strain the mix over.
  4. Top with raspberry lemonade and garnish with a lemon wheel.

*Recipe by IG: @85lasstwyatt

Tools & Glasses

Collins Glass

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More about the Berry Lemonade

This drink combines gin, Peach Schnapps, simple syrup, and raspberry lemonade. Garnish with strawberries and blackberries for plenty of extra antioxidants.