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Bird Bath

Keep things delicious and bubbly (literally) with this Bird Bath cocktail.


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  1. In a shaking glass, combine gin, lime juice, rosemary pomegranate syrup, and saline. Add ice and shake well.
  2. Strain mix into serving glass and top with champagne
  3. To create rosemary air, steep rosemary in 500 grams of water for 4 minutes. Add a sheet of gelatin and allow it to bloom for 10 mins. Stir in pot until gelatin has dissolved. Add a dab of xanthan gum and shake mixture.
  4. Using an air pump, create bubbles in the rosemary air and scoop them onto the serving glass.
  5. Garnish with a rubber duck and

*Created by IG: @bad_birdy

Tools & Glasses

mini bathtub

Basic Bar Tools

More about the Bird Bath

This cocktail, which is served in a little bathtub with a little rubber duck, is made with gin, lime juice, rosemary pomegranate syrup, saline, champagne, and rosemary air. If you don’t know what rosemary air is, trust us, it’s taste will leave you breathless.

Alcohols:Champagne Gin

Mixers:Lime Juice

Category:Cocktail Mixology

Flavor:Lime Pomegranate Sweet Tart