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Bloody Brain Shooter

Spook your friends with a creepy yet tasty Halloween treat by making these Bloody Brain Shooters.

What You'll Need

Peach schnapps
1 oz
Irish cream
0.25 oz
1 splash
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Shot Glass


Add peach schnapps to shot glass
Slowly drip irish cream on top
The irish cream will curdle and resemble a brain
Add a splash of grenadine
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More About This Drink

Rock out with these Bloody Brain Shooters if you want to wow people with some truly spooky Halloween dessert shots. These gross-looking yet delicious-tasting boozy Halloween treats mix up Peach Schnapps, Irish cream, and grenadine, and work perfectly as Halloween party drinks. BLOODY BRAIN SHOOTER 1 oz. (30ml) Peach Schnapps 1/4 oz. (7.5ml) Irish Cream Splash Grenadine PREPARATION 1. Add peach schnapps to shot glass before slowly dripping irish cream on top, which will curdle and resemble a brain. 2. Add a splash of grenadine. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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