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Blue Peach on the Beach

You don't need to rhyme to have a good time, but sipping on this Blue Peach on the Beach sure will help.


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  1. In a shaking glass with ice, combine peach vodka, peach schnapps, Passion Fruit Rum, Sweet & Sour, and Island Punch Pucker. Shake well.
  2. Build a glass using ice and lime slices and strain mix in.
  3. Top with lemon lime soda and a splash of blue curaçao. Garnish with a lime slice.

*Recipe by IG: @beachbartender

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More about the Blue Peach on the Beach

This classy-looking cocktail combines peach vodka, Peach Schnapps, passion fruit rum, sweet & sour, Island Punch Pucker, Blue Curaçao, and lemon lime soda. Garnish with lemon slices for a little bit of that essential bitterness.