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Blue Suicide Shot

Add some blue to your night with this potent Blue Suicide Shot that will knock your socks off!

What You'll Need

1 part
Blue curacao
1 part
151 proof rum
1 part


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Pour blue curaçao into base of shot glass
Gently layer everclear on top
Gently layer 151 proof rum on top
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More About This Drink

Brace for next-level tipsy with this Blue Suicide Shot. This potent shooter combines Everclear, lue Curaçao, and 151 proof rum for a beautiful blue shot that'll hit you like a freight train. BLUE SUICIDE SHOT 1 Part Everclear 1 Part Blue Curacao 1 Part 151 Proof Rum PREPARATION 1. Pour blue curaçao into base of shot glass before gently layering everclear and 151 proof rum on top. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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