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Cactus Cooler


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We'll break down this Cactus Cooler cocktail recipe in just a moment, but first, here are some related Peach Schnapps drink cocktail recipes you'll probably enjoy: the Orgasmic Peach, the Georgia Peach, the Peach and Passion Fruit Bellini, the Blizzard Peach, the Virgin Peach, and the Frozen Peach Bellini. As far as this Cactus Cooler mixed drink recipe is concerned, it calls for mandarin vodka, energy drink (i.e. Red Bull), a splash of orange juice, and, of course, Peach Schnapps. And while it's unclear where this drink was first made or who deserves the credit for making it, the one thing we're sure of is that it doesn't actually contain any Cactus Cooler. What is Cactus Cooler exactly? According to the Cactus Cooler wikipedia page, it's "[a drink] distinguished by its orange, yellow, and green label with saguaro cacti, is an orange-pineapple soft drink sold in the United States, mainly in the Southern California area and surrounding Southwestern United States." Does this have anything to do with the Cactus Cooler cocktail recipe? Not really, but still, who doesn't like some bonus cocktail knowledge. If you try out this Cactus Cooler drink and find that it's to your liking, here are a bunch of other energy drink cocktails to check.

1/2 oz. (15ml) Mandarin Vodka
1/2 oz. (15ml) Peach Schnapps
Energy Drink
Splash Orange Juice

1. Fill a shot glass with mandarin vodka and peach schnapps.
2. Fill a pint glass halfway with energy drink, add a splash of orange juice and drop the shot inside.

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