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Cherry Beergarita Pitcher

The Cherry Beergarita Pitcher is one of those drink recipes if you need to have in your arsenal if you have friends over a lot.


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  1. Add limeade to base of pitcher and pour tequila on top. Stir well until defrosted and combined.
  2. Add light beer and cherry soda before dropping in lime slices and stirring well.
  3. Pour and serve.

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More about the Cherry Beergarita Pitcher

This tequila cocktail pitcher combines light beer, cherry soda, and limeade for one of the most delicious party drinks ever. Garnish with lime slices to up the sexiness factor and increase the tanginess.

Alcohols:Silver Tequila Tequila

Mixers:Lemonade Limeade

Category:Beer Jungle Juice Punch

Flavor:Beer Cherry Fruity Lime Sweet