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Christmas On Rosecrans

If you want to try out an advanced mixology recipe, try out this Christmas on Rosecrans cocktail.


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  1. Drop cranberries into the base of a glass and pour over simple syrup. Muddle.
  2. Add gin, velvet falernum, lime juice, rosecrans syrup, bitters, saline, and ice. Shake well.
  3. Pour contents into a double rocks glass and garnish with a cranberry skewer, a rosemary sprig, and powdered sugar.

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More about the Christmas On Rosecrans

This gin-based mixology drink mixes up velvet falernum, lime juice, RoseCrans syrup, simple syrup, cranberry bitters, saline, soda water, and cranberries for a cocktail that’s just as delicious as it is complicated. Garnish with a cranberry skewer, rosemary sprig, and powdered sugar to add to this drink’s already crazy flavor profile.


Mixers:Cranberry Lime Juice Simple Syrup

Category:Christmas Cocktail Holiday Mixology

Flavor:Cranberry Sweet