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Drain Pipe Shot

Impress and shock your friends with this weird Drain Pipe Shot made from Irish cream, blue curacao, and cola!

What You'll Need

Irish cream
1 part
Blue curacao
1 part
1 part
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Made Entirely In Canada


Shot Glass


Add irish cream and blue curacao to base of shot glass
Pour over coke
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More About This Drink

We dare you to try this Drain Pipe Shot — not because it tastes gross, but because it looks damn disgusting. This totally weird shooter mixes up Irish cream, blue curacao, and cola, and is basically a little gross magic trick in a shot glass. Seriously, this green shooter will both impress and frighten your friends. DRAIN PIPE SHOT 1 Part Irish Cream 1 Part Blue Curacao 1 Part Cola PREPARATION 1. Add irish cream and blue curacao to base of shot glass. 2. Pour over coke. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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