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Elvis’ Fools Gold Jello Shot

Experience the king's favorite flavors with Elvis' Fools Gold Jello Shot, complete with a surprising bacon garnish.

What You'll Need

Peanut butter whiskey
2 oz
Creme de banana
2 oz
Strawberry/grape jello
3 oz
Hot water
8 oz


Basic Bar Tools


Combine hot water and jello and leave to cool
Add peanut butter whiskey and creme de banana
Stir the mixture
Pour the mixture into shot glasses
Place in refrigerator to set
Once solid, garnish with bacon
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More About This Drink

ELVIS’ FOOLS GOLD JELLO SHOT 2 oz. (60ml) Peanut Butter Whiskey 2 oz. (60ml) Creme De Banana 3 oz. Strawberry/Grape Jello 8 oz. (240ml) Hot Water Garnish: Bacon Slice PREPARATION 1. Combine hot water and jello and leave too cool. Add peanut butter whiskey, creme de banana, stir and pour into shot glasses. Place in refrigerator to set. 2. Once solid, garnish with bacon. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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