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Fishbowl Jello Shots

Fishbowl Jello Shots


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1 Cup UV Blue Raspberry Vodka
1/2 Cup Coconut Rum
1/2 Cup Peach Schnapps
6 Packets Gelatin
2 cups Hot Water
Gummy Bears
Swedish Fish
Small Plastic/Paper Cups
Garnish: Cocktail Umbrellas

1. Slice gummy bears and place them into the base of a small paper or plastic cup.
2. Boil water and stir in unflavored gelatin packets. Let cool a little.
3. Once it has cooled a little, add blue raspberry vodka, coconut rum, and peach schnapps. Stir well.
4. Pour the gelatin mix into the cups and place them in the fridge to set.
5. Before the gelatin sets fully, melt the top and insert a candy fish. Place back in the fridge to set well.
6. Once they have fully set, cut away the cup and garnish with a cocktail umbrella.

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