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How To Make Clear Ice

If you're wondering how to make clear ice then you need to check out this DIY clear ice video.

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If you're wondering how to make clear ice then you need to check out this DIY clear ice video. There are a lot of ways to make clear ice out there, but this is, hands down, the best way to make crystal clear cocktail ice. Why? It's all about the directional freezing method for making clear ice developed by Alcademics. Some people think that you can just use boiled or filtered water to make clear ice, but that isn't the case! To make maximally clear ice, you need to make it using directional freezing. According to Alcademics, "Directional Freezing is a simple method to make crystal clear ice by controlling the direction that water freezes." The method, which was created by Camper English in 2009, basically calls for putting a bunch of water in a cooler, placing the cooler in the freezer, and then freezing the water for just long enough to allow the top part of the liquid H2O to freeze. Because impurities in the water (a.k.a. little pieces of junk that make the ice cloudy) are denser than the water in which they sit, they'll settle to the bottom of cooler, allowing clean, clear water to freeze at the top. Once this has occurred, you can go ahead and take the water out of the cooler and smash off any cloudy ice that still remains. Then bang, you have amazing clear cocktail ice to drop in your drink! Why is it so important to learn how to make clear cocktail ice? Because clear cocktail ice is freaking beautiful! Also, clear ice tastes better than cloudy ice, which means it's especially important when sipping on a fine glass of whiskey or cognac or something like that. Learning how to make clear ice is also a great lesson for anybody who wants to be a professional bartender or just all-star home bartender. We guarantee everybody will be impressed by your DIY clear ice when you bust out with it! If you dig this DIY clear cocktail ice tutorial, then we'd also recommend these boozy DIY projects: the DIY boozy bouquet, DIY decorated shot glasses, DIY glitter champagne bottle, DIY shot glasses, and DIY Viniq.

This is the easiest way for you to make ice at home.

1. Remove the top of an insulated cooler.
2. Fill cooler with water and place in the freezer.
3. The purest water on top will freeze first, thus pushing all the impurities, and trapped air that make your ice cloudy, to the bottom.
4. Remove the cooler from the freezer before all the water is frozen solid. (Approx 24hrs)
5. Let the cooler sit and acclimate to room temperature before you try to remove the ice (10-15mins). If you were to touch the ice right away or run water over it, it will crack.
6. Flip the cooler over and the ice cube should slide right out.
7. Drain off the impure water.
8. Cut your ice block up. (Use a bread knife)
9. Store excess ice in sealed ziploc bags until needed.