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Irish Depth Charge

Impress your friends this St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Depth Charge, a reverse beer bomb shot made with vodka, Bass Ale and Guinness!

What You'll Need

2 oz
Bass ale
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Made Entirely In Canada


Shot Glass


Fill shot glass with vodka
Place pint glass over it, upside down
Hold edge of shot glass against base of pint glass
Quickly flip upside down
Pour bass ale into pint glass
Top with guinness
Remove shot glass and drink to serve
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More About This Drink

The Irish Depth Charge is one of those creative, potent shots that's perfect to do with your friends on St. Patrick's Day, or any other occasion. All you need to make this bad boy is vodka, Bass Ale, and Guinness, and bang, you have an awesome reverse beer bomb shot. IRISH DEPTH CHARGE 2 oz. (60ml) Vodka Bass Ale Guinness PREPARATION 1. Fill a shot glass with vodka and place a pint glass over it, upside down. 2. Hold the edge of the shot glass against the base of the pint glass and quickly flip upside down. 3. Pour bass ale into the pint glass and top with guinness. 4. To serve, remove shot glass and drink. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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