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Jäger Bomb Jello Shots

These Jägerbomb Jello Shots are a wild twist on the classic Jägerbomb shots.


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These Jägerbomb Jello Shots are a wild twist on the classic Jägerbomb shots. To make these Jello energy drink shooters, combine Red Bull, Jello, and Jägermeister, and stick some cherries in there, refrigerate all that goodness, then bang, you have awesome little wiggly booze shooters! Obviously it's hard to determine who first invented the Jägerbomb Jello Shot, but it's doubtlessly based on the classic Jägerbomb cocktail. (Jägermeister, by the way, is a liqueur made with many herbs and spices. It's 35% ABV. The most common energy drink used to make Jägerbomb Jello Shots is Red Bull. If you love these Jägerbomb Jello Shots, then you'll want to check out these Jägermeister cocktail recipes: the Jägermeister Heaven, the Jäger Mule, the Flaming Liquid Cocaine, Oil Spill Shots, and Liquid Cocaine.

Maraschino Cherries(with stems)
2 cups Red Bull
2 packets Unflavored Gelatin
1/2 cup Jägermeister

1. Spray the surface of a cupcake tray with nonstick spray.
2. Slice off the bottoms of maraschino cherries so they can stand and place one in each cupcake hole.
3. Bring 2 cups of red bull and 2 packs of gelatin to a boil and add Jägermeister once cooled.
4. Pour mix into the cupcake tray and refrigerate until firm.


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