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Jager Bomb

Here's the legendary bomb shot people, the Jägerbomb!


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Here's the legendary bomb shot people, the Jägerbomb! To make this simple, popular, potent cocktail, just get a shot glass of Jäger and a pint glass of energy drink, and bang, you're good to go! Even though this drink (which is usually spelled as one word, although you may sometimes see it as "Jäger bomb") is very simple, it's become a staple drink for young partiers throughout the U.S. thanks to its ability to keep people energized while they're tipsy. The classic Jägerbomb cocktail recipe calls for Red Bull, but your energy drink of choice will work just as well — although we won't vouch for how it's going to taste.... Although the origin of the Jägerbomb is uncertain (some say it was first conceived of in Ireland), it has doubtlessly spread across the world, popping up in countries like Germany, Mexico, Finland, and Greece. In Germany it's referred to as a "Turbojäger," in Mexico as a "Perla Negra," in Finland as a "Fliegender Hirsch," and in Greece as a "Ypovrýchio." In terms of taste, expect a combination of artificial raspberry flavors from the Red Bull and artificial licorice flavors from the Jäger; obviously if you're using a different energy drink, that first flavor will change. If you find that you love this flavor/booze combination, but want to try different variations of the drink, check out the Jäger Mule and these Jägerbomb Jell-O Shots.

1 Shot Jägermeister
Energy Drink

1. Fill shot glass with jägermeister and pint glass halfway with energy drink.
2. Drop jägermeister into energy drink.

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