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Mardi Gras Jello Shots

People, if you're looking for a wild Mardi Gras cocktail recipe, check out these Mardi Gras Jello Shots.


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  1. Create three colors of jello by combining 1 cup boiling water and jello. Stir well and allow to cool.
  2. Once cool add vodka and stir again.
  3. Pour purple layer into base of glass. Place in fridge to harden. Repeat for all three layers.
  4. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles.

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These delicious vodka Jello shots mix up vodka, purple Jello, Yellow Jello, and Green Jello, and are garnished with whipped cream and sprinkles for some extra Mardi Gras dessert cocktail deliciousness.


Mixers:Jello Whipped Cream

Category:Holiday Jello Shot Mardi Gras

Flavor:Fruity Sweet

Color:Green Purple Yellow