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Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl

Step into the jungle with this tasty green Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl, complete with Bacardi 151, Everclear, and pineapple juice!

What You'll Need

Bacardi 151
3 oz
3 oz
Coconut rum
4 oz
Melon liqueur
4 oz
Captain morgan 100
4 oz
Pineapple juice
10 oz
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Punch Bowl
Basic Bar Tools


Cut pineapple slices into marijuana leaf shapes
Combine ingredients in a bowl or pitcher with ice
Roll a banana leaf to use as a straw
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More About This Drink

Ladies and gentlemen, here we present to you the Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl. This tasty green cocktail recipe mixes up Bacardi 151, Everclear, coconut rum, melon liqueur, Captain Morgan 100, pineapple juice, kiwi slices, and pineapple slices, and is the perfect 420 cocktail recipe green. While this particular Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl recipe doesn't contain any real marijuana or tincture of cannabis, it's still a fantastic drink that goes well with the 420 theme. Some other drinks that fit the 420 theme but don't have any THC them are on this list of marijuana green cocktails. If you do actually want to make some cocktails with THC in them, here is a list of 7 ways to add THC to your cocktails. If you like this Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl, you'll also probably like these: the Liquid Marijuana Shot, the Long Island Iced Tea, the Jäger Bomb, Oil Spill Shots, and the Sour Green Apple. MARIJUANA JUNGLE JUICE BOWL 3 oz. (90ml) Bacardi 151 3 oz. (90ml) Everclear 4 oz. (120ml) Coconut Rum 4 oz. (120ml) Melon Liqueur 4 oz. (120ml) Captain Morgan 100 10 oz. (300ml) Pineapple Juice Kiwi Slices Pineapple Slices (shaped like marijuana leaves) PREPARATION 1. Cut pineapple slices into marijuana leaf shapes. 2. Combine ingredients in a bowl or pitcher with ice. Stir. 3. Roll a banana leaf to use as a straw. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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