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Melon Whiskey Sour Shots

Add some fun and color to your drinking game with these irresistible Melon Whiskey Sour Shots garnished with sweet honeydew melon balls!

What You'll Need

White whiskey
1 part
Melon liqueur
2 parts
Sweet & sour mix
2 parts


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Combine white whiskey, melon liqueur, sweet & sour mix, and honeydew in an ice filled glass
Shake the mixture well
Using a strainer, pour the mix into smaller shot glasses
Garnish each shot glass with a melon ball
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More About This Drink

Melon Whiskey Sour Shots are perfect as fun pregame shooters, or little treats for getting tipsy after dinner. These little green whiskey shots mix up white whiskey, melon liqueur, sweet & sour mix, and honeydew melon balls, and are guaranteed to impress your friends with their bright green beauty. MELON WHISKEY SOUR SHOTS 1 Part White Whiskey 2 Parts Melon Liqueur 2 Parts Sweet & Sour Mix Honeydew Melon Balls PREPARATION 1. Combine ingredients in ice filled glass and shake well. 2. Strain mix into shot glasses and garnish with melon balls. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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